Mera Balam Thanedaar 5th June 2024 Written Update: Sulakshana has a nightmare

Mera Balam Thanedaar 5th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bulbul asking Varnika not to cry. Veer will find out the truth. Veer says that he already knows the truth. Varnika says that she revealed everything to him. Bulbul always take the blame on her. She saved her from cheating and this incident. Our family members are badmouthing on her though she saved her and took the blame on herself. Bulbul says that she is her younger sister. She did everything for her sister. Bulbul asks Veer if he revealed it to their family members? Veer says that he will reveal it to their family members because he can’t hide this truth from them. Varnika says that he shouldn’t reveal this truth to them. She will end her life. Bulbul scolds that she did the same on that day. Veer asks her what’s the matter?

Bulbul informs him how did she tried to commit suicide. Veer scolds Varnika for take a wrong decision. He complained that she can share it with her family members or take his help in it. She took the wrong move. She didn’t think about their family members once. They may be taunt her, or lock her inside the room for few days. Nothing more will happen in this case. Why is she taking decisions in a rush. Bulbul says that it’s wrong to think about ending her life. But he isn’t thinking why did Varnika took this decision?

Veer complaints that she did a mistake. She can share it with the family members about it. Bulbul says that if she did the same then Vaani wouldn’t have faced such humiliation in her life. She isn’t allowed to attend a wedding. She is locked in the room. Veer says that both Vaani and Varnika’s problems are different. Bulbul says that it’s not like that. Only difference is they are woman. If a girl commits a mistake they have to face a lot. Whole family will taunt her. But a boy is wrong nothing will affect him. He is free to go out. Bulbul says that when they said she cheated in the exam. Sulakshana stopped her from going to the college. When he arrested her no one believed that she is innocent. Only Varadha said that he is trusting his daughter-in-law.

They are giving importance to the family reputation not their feelings. On that day not only she went outside but also Vaayu. If something happens like this with Vaayu. They won’t stop him from going out. It’s the difference. All the burden is on a woman head. They don’t have any other option in their hand then hiding this from them. Avilash was threatening Varnika and other girls. When this news comes out Sulakshana will try to arrange Varnika’s wedding with someone else. They will take is girl’s dignity problem but they won’t consider their feelings.

Veer feels heartbroken. He says that they were in lots of pain. Something bad is going on in their life but he has no idea about it. He failed as a husband and Chachu. He was busy in his police duty. Later, Jyothi scolds Sulakshana for not bring Bulbul to the wedding. Relatives are badmouthing on Sulakshana for Bulbul’s crime. She has a nightmare. Sulakshana blabbers in the dream. Varadha consoles her. She is determined to cut all her ties with Bulbul. She will take Drishti to the function in Bulbul’s place. Varadha says that it’s wrong. She shouldn’t do like this. She says that he might support her in this decision. He consoles her and make her sleep. Later, Veer recalls the way Varnika were preparing for her exam. Veer helped her to study. The way he spend time with Varnika.

Veer gets emotional thinking about Varnika. Bulbul touched his shoulder in a consoling way. She says to him that he is the best husband in this world. He is a best Chachu. He can understand a woman feeling then others. He is a best police officer too. Veer hugs Bulbul and shares his grief with her. He says that she did this much for his Varnika. Bulbul says that Varnika is her family too. She will do anything for his family. He merged his head with her emotionally. Veer touched Varnika. She apologized to him and shares her grief with him. He consoles her.

Varnika asks him to arrest her. Bulbul says that he won’t arrest her. The evidence is against her so she will go to the jail. She won’t change her decision. Veer says that no one will go to the jail. Someone else killed Avilash. Forensic report saying it clearly. He didn’t died because of Varnika. Varnika feels happy and thanked him. Bulbul asks him if Sir ji killed him. Veer asks her to share the details about him. Bulbul says that he tried to kill them. Veer guessed that he tried to kill her at the mahandi function. He knew Bulbul well it seems. He is going to find him in the college. Veer advises to Varnika and Bulbul. Veer asks Bulbul to stay in the jail for few days for her safety.

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