Mera Balam Thanedaar 6th June 2024 Written Update: Bulbul escapes from the jail

Mera Balam Thanedaar 6th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bulbul saying to Veer that she is hungry. He says that she is indirectly asking him to eat something. Bulbul says that he is smart. He brings golgappe for her. Bulbul says that she is ready to live in the jail if they offers golgappe to them daily. Veer gets a phone call from Druv. He excuses them to get the update. Varnika apologized to Bulbul. She says that she feels relieved now. Veer will definitely save her from this situation. Varnika says that she wouldn’t have listened to Drishti. She asked her not to reveal this truth to anyone including Veer. Bulbul thinks why she is playing this double game. What’s going on in her mind. Bulbul asks Varnika to go back to home. Its getting late. Later, Varnika apologized to Veer for hiding the truth from him. The commissioner informs Veer that he might send Bulbul in the court at 3 pm. Veer assures him that he will expose the real culprit tomorrow. Varnika fears the worst. He consoles her. He assures her that he will save Bulbul. The next day, Veer is giving training to the Happy Singh. The principal is about to blabber the truth. Veer takes him to his cabin. He asks Veer why he is here. Doesn’t he closed his investigation and catch the culprit. Veer asks him how did he know about it? They didn’t revealed any information about it. The principal lies to him that he has a close friend of Commissioner. He shared everything with him.

The Principal says that he learnt from him that they found Avilash body from his apartment. Someone attacked him on his head. He is died there. Veer thinks how did he know about all the information of this case. The principal says that he is watching on this case after Riya’s suicide attempt. His flight tickets falls down. Veer thinks that he is going to London today. If he trying to escape from here. He called him as Sir ji. The principal response to him. Veer confirms that he is the culprit. He pretends like talking with the commissioner. He thanked the principal for his cooperation. Later, Veer informs Bulbul that the principal is the Sir ji. She says that he looks like a decent person. She can’t believe it. Veer says that he is doing this scam behind this identity of him. Veer says that we have to collect the evidence against the principal. We need to wait for the forensic report. Bulbul says that all the girls must slap him with the slippers. Veer says that we needs the evidence. Bulbul says that the principal send the tea seller to threaten her. He demanded her not to reveal the truth to him. Veer asks her why didn’t she share it with him. If she hiding anything else from him. She denied it.

Bulbul says that the principal still has the copy of all the girls photo and video. Veer says that they are not safe yet. Bulbul says that she won’t allow anything bad happens to Varnika. She asks him to take her help in this case. Veer says that she is already in danger. He can’t take a risk with her life again. He is sure that she isn’t the culprit. He assures her that he will save them. Meanwhile, Sulakshana getting ready to attend the wedding. She thinks that she has to attend this wedding. Vaayu says that Bulbul will get bail today. He will take Bulbul to the function straight. Sulakshana says that she is a murderer. She can’t take a risk with her family reputation. Bulbul acts like faint inside the jail. Shanti rushed to help her. Bulbul pushed them and closed them inside the jail. Bulbul escapes from the jail along with the prisoners. Veer comes there. Bulbul steals the police uniform. Veer learns that Bulbul escaped from the jail. Veer asks everyone to search for Bulbul. The commissioner scolds Veer for allowed Bulbul to escape from the jail. The tea seller listened to it. Veer says to the commissioner that rat will fall into their trap. Veer is talking with Bulbul on the phone. Bulbul executes her plan.

Episode end

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