Mera Balam Thanedaar 7th June 2024 Written Update: Bulbul exposed the principal

Mera Balam Thanedaar 7th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with the principal thinking that he will fly to abroad. No one can catch him after that. Bulbul calls him and says that his family is with her. She demands him to handover Varnika and other girls picture and video to her. If he fails to give the picture then she will expose him in front of his wife. He pleads with her not to do like that. Later, Bulbul calls Veer and informs him that she reached to the spot. Everything is going according to his plan. Veer says that she looks good in the police uniform. She is surprised to see him there. Bulbul says that she was scared. But she feels relieved now. He assures her that he is with her. We don’t have any proof against the principal so she has to collect it. She nodded to him. Later, Varadha asks Sulakshana to get ready asap. Kaveri praised Drishti for become a wife of Veer. She is succeeded in her plan. Drishti says to her that her neck is empty. Kaveri says to Sulakshana that she can hide her face with a ghunghat. But they will finds out that she isn’t Bulbul but Drishti. Sulakshana brings the nuptial chain there. Varadha says that she shouldn’t give this nuptial chain to Drishti. Bulbul will return to home after proved her innocence. Vaayu says that Bulbul escaped from the jail. Sulakshana says that Bulbul wouldn’t have escaped from the jail if she is innocent. Drishti wears the nuptial chain. She thinks that she got everything. She is Veer’s wife now. Meanwhile, the principal reached to the spot. He searched for Bulbul. Veer asks him team to be alert.

Bulbul confronts the principal. The principal asks Bulbul about his family. Bulbul says that he only cared about his family. He never think about others girls. They are also a daughter of someone else. He blackmailed Varnika to cheat her. He even tried to kill her. Avilash was working for him. The principal asks her to give his family to her or else he won’t leave her. Bulbul demands him to give the photos to her first. The principal signals to Ratan. He shoots at Bulbul. She falls down. Veer is shocked to see it. He worries about Bulbul. Ratan comes there. The principal says that their headache is over. Bulbul chapter is over. She escaped from the jail to prove her innocence. She is died here. She wanted to know the truth. He confessed that he killed Avilash. He laughs at her. He closed his chapter. Her truth won’t come out. This case is also over along with her death. He is won. He is shocked to see Veer pointed the gun at the principal.

Ratan is shocked and try to point the gun at Veer. The police surrounded him. Veer congratulates the principal. He says that he was waiting for his confession. Sir ji. They were waiting for it. He confessed everything. The principal says that he may confessed the crime but his wife is dead. Rest in peace. Bulbul says that she is alive. She was wearing a bullet proof jacket. Its also a fake blood. But his confession is real. They recorded everything in their phone. Veer says to the principal that he never saw such a cheap person in his life. He has to give a better education to the students but he was doing a scam with girls. Veer lashes out at him. Veer says that he already recorded everything in his phone. The police arrested them and take them from there. Bulbul is happy and danced there. Veer asks her to dance in home. She says that she wants to celebrate. They danced with her. Veer saluted her for her courageous. Veer expressed his happiness with her. He says that he is aware that she was wearing a bullet proof jacket though he can’t see her getting shot. She says that nothing will happen to her when her bullet proof Veer is with her. Veer demands her not to lie with him again. She shouldn’t fight alone with the world. She might share everything with him. She promised to him.

Episode ends

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