Mera Balam Thanedaar 8th February 2024 Written Update: Devender hides the truth

Mera Balam Thanedaar 8th February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Geetha noticing Bulbul and Veer holding each other. She is shocked to see the birth certificate on the floor. Devendar noticed it too. He thinks that if Veer notice it then he can find out it’s a fake certificate. Bulbul says to Geetha that ghee fell down. Devendra pretends like scolding Geetha. He greets him and says that Bulbul’s birth certificate is ruined. Veer says that he will prepare a duplicate certificate. Devendar says that he will do it. Geetha takes Bulbul from there. Devendar talks with Veer about the preparations. Meanwhile, Geetha notices the mark in Bulbul’s shoulder. She worries about Bulbul. she thinks that Veer and Bulbul has an physical relationship. She is underaged girl. Bulbul says to her that Thanedar asks her to mention him as Veer. He was her brother-in-law till yesterday but he is her husband today. She asks her about Drishti.


Geetha recalls the way she asked Drishti to stay in her uncle house for few days. She tells her that Bulbul and Veer coming. She doesn’t want to see Drishti making them feel uncomfortable. Drishti says that she is sending her elder daughter for Bulbul’s happiness. Geetha says that Bulbul sacrificed her happiness for their prestige. She doesn’t want to ruin their life. Later, Veer is helping Ambar to clean the things. He finds an album. Bulbul tries to snatch it. He plays with her. Veer asks Bulbul when did she take this photo? She tells him that mom said to her it took when she was 1 year old. Veer says that calender is showing different year. He calculated her age. Devendar says to him that she was there years at that time. She looks little because she got typhoid at that time. That is why she looks old. Bulbul says that mom said something else. Devender says that she blabbered to her. Meanwhile, neighbour makes fun of Drishti. She argues with them. They appreciate Bulbul for married to Veer to save the reputation. She thinks that she will snatch her rights back. She will get back Veer in her life.

Meanwhile, Devendar says to Geetha that they are escaped today. He is stuck with this fake certificate problem. Geetha says that one day truth will be out. He asks her to be careful and leaves. Meanwhile, Bulbul comes there and ask Geetha why she is looking dull. She returned to home after few days. She looks tensed. She was hiding something from her. She knew that she didn’t fall sick. What’s her real age. She asks her to reveal the truth. Geetha is about to reveal the truth but Devendar stops her. He says to her that he can’t find some file. He asks her to cook something for Veer. He takes her from there. Bulbul gets happy to see Divya there. She hugs her in happiness.
Veer is happy to see their bond. She praises her beauty. She says to Veer that he can’t find a beautiful girl then Bulbul. She always thinking about others happiness then hers. She has the habit to write down her wish. She has crush on Karthick. Bulbul asks her to calm down. She gives the note book to Veer. Veer teases Bulbul seeing it. Vishesh gets a phone call. Someone asks him to go to the hospital alone.

Divya takes the photo of Veer and Bulbul. Geetha gets hurt. Veer rushes to help her. She stops him from touching her leg. He says that he took blessings of her. She has the rights to hold his ears. He is her son so he can help her. Divya praises Veer in front of Bulbul. She says that she is lucky to get Veer in her life. He helps her to get relief from the sprain. He asks her to take a rest. She says that she has to cook the food. Veer says that junior chef will cook the food. He says it to Ambar. Bulbul thinks that he is caring her like his mother. But why she is scared of him.

Episode end

Geetha reveals the truth to Bulbul

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