Mera balam Thanedar: Bulbul risks her life to save Drishti?

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Mera balam Thanedar is the newly launched of Colors TV. This story is about Inspector Veer, who hates lies married to an underaged Bulbul. How will Veer tackle the situation when he find out the truth about Bulbul?

In the recent episode we saw; Varmika blames Bulbul for eat the biscuits secretly. She complaints that she broke her fasting. Veer scolds her. Varmika accuses her. Viyuk proved that the servant ate the biscuits. Varadha demand Varmika to apologise to Bulbul. She forgave her. Veer worried about Bulbul.

Veer gifted the heals to Bulbul. They attended the puja. Bulbul takes vrit for Veer and attend the puja. Drishti set the fire in her house to ruin her puja. Drishti calls Bulbul. Bulbul tells her that she is in a Puja she will call her later. Drishti tells her that fire caught in their house. She requests her to save her. Bulbul runs out of the house. Veer rushes behind her to help her. Varmika lies to Sulakshana that they quit the puja to romance outside.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Bulbul will try break the door. She enter into the house through a window. Veer will be shocked to see it. Bulbul will risk her life to save Drishti. Veer worries about Bulbul.

What will happen next? Will Drishti call off her wedding to pursue her dream? Will Veer marry Bulbul unaware of the truth?

The upcoming episode will answer to our all questions. Stay tuned with our space for more updates