Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 11th November 2020 Written Update: Niya is devastated after Kabir leaves

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 11th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Guneet scolding Amber for going to Kabir’s house when she asked him to talk with Niya. Amber says that Niya is stubborn like him so it’s better to talk with Niya. Guneet asks how to solve the problem now. Amber says that he will go to office but Guneet makes him sit calmly and talk. Amber says that Kabir has listened to him and Niya needs time after which everything will get fine. Guneet says that there is no time.

Amber feels nice seeing her concerned about Niya like a real mother. Guneet sits near Amber and says that he commendably grew Niya up whereas she doesn’t know anything and will be such a bad parent. Amber explains her that there is nothing like bad parent as parents learn and grow up with children. Guneet says that some children don’t grow up. Amber says that they learn from mistakes. Guneet says that they will make mistakes together.

On the other hand, Kajal comes to office and tries talking with Kabir who asks her what she wants. Kajal says that she is just there to catch up. Kabir says that she is fine. Kajal asks why she is packing his stuff. Kabir reveals that he is going back to Lucknow for one year and leaving Venut. Kajal tries convincing him to talk with Niya but in vain.

Meanwhile, Pammi comes to Amber’s office. He finds her sweet behaviour weird. Pammi tells her that there is a newspaper of her village and she has never had anything to get printed but now she has lots of news. Amber allows her to get all news of wedding and Guneet’s pregnancy printed.

Pammi says that she wanted a good picture of him and Amber. He says that there are many wedding pictures but Pammi refuses. She shows hair die. Amber refuses to use and reminds her that they already had this discussion. Pammi tries to explain her that Guneet looks so younger than him and he should take care of him for the child at least. Amber looks at himself on his phone camera.

At home, Niya keeps looking at door. Guneet notices that she is looking for Kajal to come back. She suggests Niya to face Kabir and stop hiding. She asks her to confess her feelings and everything to him since there should be no distance between hearts, no matter about physical distance.

Guneet’s expression change seeing Amber stepping inside. He is looking weird with black hair. Amber says that he will look like this with coloured hair. Guneet removes the wig. She understands dying hair cannot be his idea. Amber says that he will look child’s grandfather like this but Guneet says that his hair colour doesn’t matter. Amber says that he was doing this for Pammi only.

While they talk, Niya adore them. Suddenly her eyes go on the door as Kabir steps inside. “Enna sona” plays. Niya walks towards him. They hold hands and merge their foreheads. They hug. It was just her dream and in reality she is hugging Kajal tightly. Niya returns into reality and looks around awkwardly.

Later, Kajal has told Niya about Kabir’s decision to leave for Lucknow and flight is at 6pm. Guneet asks Niya to go and tell her feelings. Niya says that he is going. Guneet asks Amber to make her understand. Amber sits next to her and tells her that Kabir loves her a lot and has even bear him a lot. He asks where she will let him go. Guneet asks her to confess her feelings since now it’s the time. Amber suggests her to decide his importance in her life and then decide whether she wants to stop him.

Niya thinks about Kabir and then rushes outside. Amber follows her. Guneet is happy and says she and Kajal will wait at home. She prays for everything to get fine. Niya and Amber sit on bike and go. They reach Venut but Kabir isn’t there. Niya tries calling him but he doesn’t pick up her call. Niya calls Shri who is there behind her only and tells Niya that Kabir has left one hour ago already without telling.

Niya is devastated but refuses any support from Amber. Shri gives her a letter from Kabir. She reads it. Kabir has written that he is realizing his mistake of getting in relationship with someone else. He has written that he loves her and cannot stay as a friend so he is leaving. Niya gets emotional. She tells Amber that Kabir should have asked her first since she has to confess yet. She behaves frenetically. Amber hugs her and tries to calm her down.

Episode ends

Precap: Niya confesses that she loves Kabir. Amber asks her to get a glass of water from kitchen. Niya finds Kabir in kitchen.