Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 12th October 2020 Written Update: Guneet pranks with Amber regarding their conversation

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 12th October 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Niya talking with Shree and her friends are teasing her regarding RV. Kabir is getting jealous by listening to the words of Niya about RV. He gets angry with Shree for his imaginary story about Niya and Kabir.

He says to Shree that yes, I was angry and I took a decision in a hurry and got in a relationship with Swara. He says I should have waited for Niya for some more time and should have given myself more time but I talked to Niya and she said she wants to be a good friend of mine all my life.

Shree says to him Swara is one of those girl who wants to quit her career for you and is ready to be a housewife even if it’s required. You cannot do such a thing with her. Amber comes out and says to all of them maybe ganit left me.

Niya says to him this is not the time to do joke like this better tell us what happened. Amber says we are talking over a phone call and suddenly I said something and she gets angry and cuts the call. They listened to everything what happened on the phone call and promised to him that we will help you out to make Guneet understand your real meanings behind those words and will also help you in getting the misunderstanding clear.

 RV comes down and asks Niya what happened and she seeks help from him regarding the matter. Kabir is watching them from far and is getting angry to see their increasing closeness. He teased Niya about it in private also and behaving as if he is not saying it out of jealousy but out of curiosity.

However, Niya is trying to clear out the misconception and gets to know from Guneet that she is just pretending to be angry with him and there is nothing like that. Niya understands the full matter from Guneet and she also plays along with her.

Ambar tries to ask what happened and she says that Guneet is not ready to listen to you at all. Amber decided to have a conversation with Guneet and Niya and her friends helped Amber for it. Guneet still plays along with Amber but after some while she says that I was not angry with you.

Amber asks all of them to leave from there so that he can have some conversation with Guneet in personal space. He is talking over video conferencing and again asks for an apology from her. Guneet says to Amber so you will not leave me in the middle and will go again?

Amber assures that I will not and asks her to forget about that matter. Guneet thinks in her mind that if that is the case and you are sure about I am not getting angry on you then I have to do something to make you feel bothered.

Precap – Amber receives an unlike guest at his house and she is saying that he knows her from a long time but never meet face to face.