Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 13th January 2020 Written Update: Guneet agrees to meet one guy for marriage

Episode begins with Guneet, her mother and her aunty comes from shopping. Guneet’s aunty taunts Guneet and says in her age girls are already married and have children too. Guneet teasingly says to have children marriage isn’t necessary. Guneet gets call from Naina. Naina asks about dating app matter. Guneet says she liked one person and chatted with him.

Niya asks Kajal did she told anything to Kabir. Kajal says she didn’t told anything. Niya says Kabir tried to ask something to her. Kajal asks did she talk with her father about dating app profile. Niya says she doesn’t know how to talk about this to Amber.

Amber recalls morning incident and decides to talk about the app profile to Niya. He goes to her room and sees her sleeping. He says he will speak about tomorrow morning and goes from there.

Randeep was doing work in office Niya comes there. He asks what is she doing here? She says till her dad gets well she will comes to office sometimes. He says he have a important meeting. She says she will accompany him and they attends the meeting. He takes one decision. Niya says they should consult Amber too about this. But he denies that and says that’s not needed. So Niya fights with him. He gets angry and says he thought at least they can be friends but he was wrong and goes from there.

Guneet and her mother goes to their relatives function. All guests talk about Guneet’s marriage. They says about one proposal for Guneet. Guneet’s mother says to Guneet she have one alliance for her and she should meet the guy. Guneet denies to meet anyone but her cousin convinces her then Guneet agrees to meet him. Her mother gets happy listening Guneet.

Amber asks to Niya did she wants to say something. She apologize to him and he smiles at her. He asks why she thinks they need someone in their life. Niya says Amber needs someone.she says till now he is living for her but now he should starts to live for him. He says her idea isn’t bad one. She gets happy hearing him.

Guneet’s mother prepares sweet dish because she is happy. She says to Guneet everything will be fine this time and asks her to prepare to meet the guy.

Amber tries to chat with the one whom he already chatted but he ends up chatting with wrong person and gets irritated knowing this. Guneet talks with herself and says if he doesn’t wants to chat then why he created a profile.

Niya asks Amber did he chat with anyone? He shows the damaged laptop. She says he can chat from mobile too and goes from there. He thinks how to use the app from mobile. That time courier boy comes there and Amber asks his help. That boy too helps him.

Episode ends.