Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 13th October 2020 Written Update: Guneet tested positive for COVID

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 13th October 2020 Written Update

The episode begins with Guneet is tested positive for Covid-19 and Amber and her mother has decided to take care of her in their own way. In the morning Amber got ready in his PPT kit and prepared breakfast for Guneet. Niya asks Amber not to do so much because this is going to be more hectic for Guneet.

However outside of the house of Guneet Amber and Pammi got into argument with each other regarding who will serve breakfast to Guneet. They made a video call to her to let her know about it and says I don’t need your help because I can’t make my own breakfast but nobody is ready to listen to her and both of them I started to argue with each other over the fact that who will serve breakfast to Guneet.

Pammi says I made Aloo paratha for you so that you can get energy and Amber says I made omelet cheese sandwich and juice for you because you know immunity comes from these food items. However, Niya comes later and takes away Amber with her. near check blood pressure and comes to know that it is increased to exchange and she gets tensed about this.

Amber says to Niya that please let me go and meet Guneet once. However, we can go out there was a guest house comes to meet him says that celebrate my birthday with you as you called me for celebrating it. Amber doesn’t understand what is happening with him and he tries to ask her why you are calling me with this name but she says do not need to be shy in front of me. Amber gets confused and calls Niya for his help and at the moment Niya and her friends come there and greet her and try to ask Amber who is she?

Amritsar I don’t know movies he-she that is why I called you maybe you know while Niya looks totally clueless about the entire thing. They are talking with each other and Amber is trying to make everybody believe that he doesn’t involve in anything neither he has any relationship with that girl. That woman is continuously blaming Amber for calling her to celebrate her birthday today and also says that he has feelings for me but he is shying away from admitting it openly.

The friends of Niya try to understand what is happening properly and is checking the messages of the app accounts. Amar loses his cool at a point of time and says that I will not tolerate this woman inside my house she is being extremely shameless and blaming me for no reason. that girl made out of this and says that this must be your nature to trap a woman first and then play with the emotions. Niya tries to defend her father but she says today is my birthday and this is how I am having my entire day. Amber says I will not solve it in my house anymore but Niya tries to cool him down.

Precap – Amber behaves all romantic with her and Guneet sees it all via video call.