Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 14th January 2020 Written Update: Randeep meets Guneet

Niya agrees with Randeep’s idea but without knowing this he mocks her. Later he asks how suddenly she agreed to his ideas. She says it’s good for company that’s why she agreed. He says she was cool in US. She says she is still the same. He teasingly says she missed him so much. She denies that and goes from there. Guneet was talking with her boss about work. Her mother comes there and asks to meet the guy.

Kabir’s boss scolds Kabir for Niya. Kabir says she is brilliant app developer and she definitely deserves one more chance. Finally he convinces his boss. Niya sees that but didn’t heard their talks. Amber’s mobile fell down and he tries to get that. Guneet comes there and tries to help him. But he stops her and says he doesn’t need her help. After taunting him Guneet goes from there.

Niya’s boss says their company gonna re-launch heart to heart app. And he announces the team members name but Niya’s name is not there. Niya and Kabir gets upset because of this. Later Kabir asks sorry to Niya. But Niya says it’s not needed.

Guneet gets call from Anurag. She says she will talk to him later and cuts the call. She scolds her mother because without her permission she gave her number to the guy. Both mother and daughter argues with each other. Randeep comes there and listens Guneet’s talks from downstairs. Guneet sees him and shouts. He says he is not any theif and came to meet Niya. Guneet comes to him.

Niya asks Kabir why he is taking this much big risk for Niya and apologize to him. She says she trusts him and his friendship so much and hugs him. He changes the topic and says he will drop her. She too agrees with him.

Randeep says to Guneet he is the one who sent message from US. He says Niya thinks he is intense guy that’s why avoids him now. Guneet asks did he really intense? He says he is just a straight forward guy. He says what’s her problem with arrange marriage. Guneet scolds him for listening her talks. He says he can help her if she need any help then. She says she is feeling awkward to meet new guy. He convinces her to meet him with free mind.

Kabir and Niya comes to home. Niya goes to prepare coffee. Amber asks Kabir that is there any way to search the person with whom they already chatted in dating app. Kabir says about chat history and asks he wants to search anyone? Amber gets shocks listening him.

Episode ends.