Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 16th January 2020 Written Update: Randeep realises his feelings for Niya

Episode begins with Amber comes to his office and shouts at Randeep and his employee. Randeep explains him about computerized things but Amber is in no mood to listen his talks.Randeep says after computerized their business too improving.

Niya talks with her manager and gives her suggestions file to him about app. He says he wants new ideas that’s why didn’t included her in team and wants to give chance to new team so her ideas are not needed. She gets sad listening this. Kabir and Kajal too heard their conversation.

Amber and Guneet chats with each other and complaints about each other in chatting without knowing whom they are talking with. Guneet says about her mother’s worry about her marriage and Amber gives advice to her in that matter without knowing full issue.

Niya recalls manager’s words and sees Randeep who is waiting outside her house. He smiles seeing her and says he came here to give the file to her father and also wants to talk with her. She tries to ignore him. They says they really doesn’t wants to fight with each other. Niya says him to forget about US. He argues with her in that matter and asks her to remember their US happy moments. She recalls that and says she doesn’t even want to be his friend and moves to her house. He stops her and gives the file to her. Niya meets Amber and gives the file to him. Amber complaints about Randeep and says she doesn’t seems fine.

Guneet sees Randeep from upstairs and comes to him. He says he and Niya enjoyed so much in US but here she is behaving weirdly. Guneet says if he loves her then he should approach in different way not like this. First Randeep says he doesn’t love Niya then tries to explain what actually he is feeling for her and finally he realises his feelings. Guneet sees everything with smile.

Kabir and Kajal comes to Niya’s house to cheer her. Amber asks to Kabir why Niya is upset. Kabir says that their manager is angry with Niya and explains about morning incident. Amber recalls Guneet words that how much Niya changed her life for him and cries. He decides to do something and chat with Guneet. And they decides to meet each other.

Episode ends.