Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 21st October 2020 Written Update: Guneet and Amber’s awkward first night

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 21st October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Guneet standing up when the bed squeaks as she and Amber sits on it. Amber says that it’s old so it isn’t used to bear two people together. Guneet sits again and places her hand on Amber’s one. The bed squeaks again so she stands up again.

He says he is fine. She sits again and then the two starts commenting the decoration arranged in the room. Amber starts talking about the benefits of the flowers but Guneet says that she will read about them later. After few seconds of silence, Amber asks Guneet whether she is tired. She replies that she is tired and the earring is very heavy too so she asks whether she should remove it. Amber says yes.

Guneet goes in front of mirror and tries to remove the earring. Seeing her struggling with it, amber walks towards her and tries helping but at the end, Guneet manages to remove it herself. She removes the rest of heavy jewellery too. Amber removes his turban and stretches his neck.

Niya is laughing with her friends when she remembers that she has to give medicine to her father. She goes to take medicine, coffee and water for Amber from kitchen, but she is left taken aback when she goes inside Amber and Guneet’s room and sees the latter giving him medicine. She says that she came to ask them if they needed something.

Guneet replies nothing yet. Amber hides the pills she brought in her hand when Guneet walks towards her and grabs the coffee that Niya brought. He goes back to Guneet and says that it’s Niya0s habit.
Niya walks out of room with teary eyes. Kabir looks at her. She chuckles and says that she is so used to give medicine and forgot that he has his wife now. Swara and Kajal come. Kajal is sleepy but Kabir convinces them all to have beer and enjoy the rest of night.

Later, everyone cheers for Niya, her dad and his bride. Niya is silent while the others have beer and are cheering. They talk about how Niya didn’t give up and got his father married, no matter how much the situation turned difficult.

Kajal tells Niya that she doesn’t need to care about her father anymore now that Guneet has come. She adds that she is free now and won’t even have any curfew. Niya is sure that nothing will change but Kajal says that a marriage is marriage and Swara agrees with that giving example of her and Kabir who are living together now but after their wedding everything will change. Everyone goes silent but then their friend changes the mood starting to sing.

Everyone starts to sing together.
On the other hand, Amber asks Guneet to sleep. She asks whether he is willing to stay awake. He asks if she isn’t getting sleep. She replies not yet and asks him. He says that sleep has gone now. Guneet places her bridal dress, which she changed, in cupboard and then tells Amber that she is used to sleep on right side of bed. He asks her to lie there then, he will adjust.

Niya is cleaning and Kabir helps her since he doesn’t want to let his boss work alone. She says that she will enjoy being the boss then they will be back to normal. Kabir says that there is nothing like normal: changes are constant. He gives their example: they went through a lot but they accepted the change. He adds that her life is going to change again and she should be ready for the change.

Niya asks what will change. He replies that he doesn’t know that but he knows that one thing won’t ever change: he will always come to pick up her beer bottles. She asks her to stay then. They share eye lock and then she adds that she means that there is a lot of work more. Kabir gets Swara’s call and says that he cannot stay. Niya guesses it’s swara but he lies that it’s his dad.

Meanwhile Amber and Gurmeet lie down on bed. They stay silent and wonder what is happening in their minds. They try calming themselves but amber freaks out when she accidentally touches Amber’s foot. He says it’s ok and she lies down again. Amber’s stomach starts growling and he wishes nothing more happens. Guneet pretends to sleep while Amber goes to washroom.

Niya hears noise and gets up from bed running towards Amber’s room but stops thinking that Guneet is there. She looks at the door. Guneet starts searching for her phone while Niya hesitantly walks back to her room. Guneet takes her phone and goes back to lie down on bed. Amber come back from washroom but his stomach starts growling again. Niya takes her blankets and goes upstairs. Amber puts some cushions on the bed and covers them with a blanket tiptoeing outside the room after switching off the lights. Amber looks on
Episode ends

Precap: Guneet calls her mother telling her that she isn’t getting sleep in new place. Her mother suggests her to have hot milk. Amber calls his friend saying that he would have managed his stomach but what about his snores. The next morning, Guneet tells Amber that he feels awkward with her around so he would be glad that she is leaving.