Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 23rd September 2020 Written Update: Niya went for her presentation

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 23rd September 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Guneet and Amber trying to rehearse for their sangeet performance but Amber is looking clueless as usual. He is trying his best to perform and rehearse for the same but is unable to do so. Kajal comes there and gives company to Amber. Kajal says to Niya you can not even move with the help of Kabir at all.

Kabir bids Niya goodbye when she is going out for her presentation. He gives her a cup of coffee and asks her to take care of herself and also asks to be back as soon as possible. Niya calls RB for her presentation to which he says I have already postponed the presentation and I know you need it. Basically I think I am changing slowly and Niya is unable to understand what he is trying to say.

Rb says to her you can ask me whatever you want to ask and I will not mind. He promises that he will not scold her as well. Niya smiles and says this is something unusual from your side. Rb says I got someone who suddenly enters your life and becomes a part of it. However now I feel that you and your father have become so dear and near to me. Niya gets happy to listen to this from RB and she says I am so happy to listen to this.

She says I am very happy for you and I wish you all the very best in life. Amber is really feeling nervous and all the comments from the other people about his old age and their remarks are affecting him slowly hence he tries to talk to Niya to clear out his anxiety. Amber comes to have a word with Niya when Kabir says to him that she is gone already because she had a presentation today.

Amber gets a little bit upset to hear that she is having a presentation on the day before his marriage ceremony and he gets angry and disappointed with Niya while Kabir tries his best to explain to him but Amber is overthinking about everything around him. He is sitting and is thinking if he is doing anything wrong?

Niya is talking to RB over the phone call and they had a really long conversation with each other after a long time. RB says to Niya that I feel I have started to like you so much and I can totally feel your father chasing after me for being with you. Niya starts to smile after listening to his words and both of them said bye to each other. Amber gets angry with Kabir for speaking about sangeet ceremony and he says it is about a marriage function and not anything else.

Precap – The moment Guneet enters the house of Niya, Amber goes into hiding and he tries to call Niya to have a proper conversation with her.