Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 27th March 2020 Written Update: Guneet ,Amber gets happy seeing Kabir and Nia together

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 27th March 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kabir tries to talk with Nia. Nia says she doesn’t wanna talk with him about anything. He says he wants to talk. She says it’s enough of pretending. He says their friendship is real. She asks then how can he think she will use his friendship.

He asks how can she think he will leave her for business and will broke her friendship. He says he saw her with Randeep and he felt bad and angry that’s why he started to act weird. She recalls how she hugged Randeep last time while sending off him and apologize to Kabir. He apologize to her and says he will do favor in her work and her life and she can’t stop him. They hugs each other and says they were missing each other so much. He teasingly says she became so thin because she was missing him.

Swara sees them and goes from there smilingly. Seeing Kabir and Nia together Amber and Guneet smiles at each other. Nia comes inside the house after saying bye to Kabir. Guneet says she is so tired and goes to sleep. Nia doubt fully sees Amber.

Kabir’s friend says why they are taking shots with water and acting like getting excited. Swara says because they are in office now and says she is taking them to party to give original shots. Kabir’s friend asks did Kabir remembers anything hearing late night shots. Swara says she wants to know what was the scene. Kabir’s friend says it was Nia’s first project and says what happened that day.

Swara and Kabir’s friend teases Kabir. They talks about their project and Kabir goes from there saying he have to call someone. Swara sees Kabir mesmerizingly and Kabir’s friend notices that. Kajal talks about their client to Nia and they goes to meet him. Kabir’s friend asks is Swara is interested in Kabir? That time Kabir comes there and asks them to see the presentation again and goes from there.

Swara asks Kabir’s friend to do his work instead of asking her stupid question. Once he leaves from there she starts to blush thinking what’s happening with her. Nia and Kajal explains the plan to their client. Client accepts to give the deal to them. Nia gets happy hearing him and says she needs 30% amount in advance. Client gives the cheque to Nia.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nia asks how he felt when he was going with Guneet on his bike. Amber says it’s not first time so nothing different. Nia asks when he is gonna propose her. Amber says he is not understanding anything how to proceed and all. Nia says he have to make any effort then only he can reach next step.