Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 27th October 2020 Written Update: Niya is all set to become the CEO of Venut

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 27th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Amber making faces while looking at the boiling chai and burning roti on gas. He tries stopping himself from touching them. Guneet pops out and says that she should praise his self control. Amber goes closer to her and says that she shouldn’t give such a plain compliment.

Just then, Pammi comes and Amber immediately hides in kitchen sitting down near Guneet. Pammi asks whether her husband has done something for her stay. Amber grabs Guneet’s hand and keeps clutching while Pammi talks. Guneet sits down too and asks him to show the same self control he was showing a while ago and not to hold her hand so tightly otherwise it will break. Pammi asks Guneet where she has gone.

She stands up again holding two potatoes and says that she was taking them. Pammi tells her that she has to come to the house today itself and she wants the room downstairs. Amber pops out and says that the room is her daughter’s so she won’t get it. Pammi and Amber start arguing. Guneet yells at them to stop and tells them that she has an idea and they will meet there after a while to discuss it. Pammi and Amber leave keeping arguing. Guneet is fed up with them.

On the other hand, Rishi bring Niya to the office and asks her how it feels to be back to the company from where she had been thrown out. Niya recalls the speech she gave when she was leaving the office. She tells Rishi that she had told everyone that they will regret sending her away the day she left. Other colleagues come and they sign papers to hand over the company to Rishi. They ask Rishi to wait for all formalities to be done before announcing to the press. Rishi asks how much it might take. They reply that it might be done by tomorrow and then leave.

Niya recalls getting best employee reward. She is about to message someone but Rishi reminds her that she cannot tell anyone yet. Rishi says to Niya that she has always kept her heart ahead of her mind, her friends and family before work but she shall keep mind over heart if she wants to be professionally successful. She agrees. Rishi calls her CEO. She is excited.

Meanwhile, Swara talks to her mother asking her not to stress about engagement. Kabir looks on. After cutting call, Swara tells him that she has to handle things for party. Kabir asks her to give some work to him too. She agrees and then leaves.

Later, Guneet talks with Niya about Pammi wanting to have room downstairs because of her age, since she cannot keep walking up down. She adds that there are only two rooms downstairs, hers and Amber’s one and Niya’s one so, she and Amber were thinking to shift upstairs. Amber pops out from behind the sofa and agrees that Niya and Pammi should stay downstairs while he and Guneet will go upstairs. Niya tries saying no to the idea. Guneet and Amber call it the best solution.

Rishi comes downstairs and says that he has a better solution. Amber says that it’s a family matter and he should stay out but Rishi says that he is giving up a room from his floor so he should give his opinion. He suggests making Niya shift upstairs because they are working together now so it would be easier and Amber and Guneet will also get space and time for their romance. Everyone likes the idea. Guneet keeps grinning.
After a while, Niya tells Kabir, who is helping her with shifting, that even though she is just going upstairs, she feels like a major change is coming in her life: a new independent Niya is going to RV Sir’s floor. Kabir seems unhappy.

Later, Pammi and Amber sit at table. Pammi suggests to sign a contract to solve their problems. Amber shows her a paper with all points of a “deal” between them. There is a list of things Pammi should not do and in exchange there are some rules Amber will follow too, including that he will praise her cooking and take her for outing once in a month. Pammi is content. They shake hands.
Episode ends

Precap: Guneet tells Niya that Kabir is about to announce their engagement: Kabir is with Swara now so she should move on. Guneet asks Niya what she feels about Rishi. Niya stammers. Guneet is sure that Rishi didn’t call her upstairs just for work and he surely likes her a lot.

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