Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 29th October 2020 Written Update: Rishi announces that Niya is the new CEO of Venut

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 29th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Guneet coming in room wearing a saree and drying her wet hair in front of mirror. Old songs are playing in radio. Amber enters the room and stares at Guneet. Suddenly RJ Janhvi on radio asks to message how they’d like to confess their love. Amber leaves. Guneet looks down.

Amber comes out of washroom and turns on the radio again as the RJ plays the apology message from him for Guneet. The latter gets up and stands in front of him saying that it won’t work if he starts fighting her battles. He says that he is her husband. Guneet suggests to make a deal: she will fight few battles and he will fight few others.

Amber holds her hand and says that from her hands he can see that she has been troubled a lot by people and he wants to apologizes on the behalf of all of them. He asks sorry for the one who pulled her braid at school, for the guy who broke her heart for the first time, for Mehra, for Pammi’s taunts and especially for his stupidness. Guneet is touched.

Guneet walks away and Amber walks closer to her. She sits down and Amber sits next to him. They hold each other’s hands and then Guneet places her head on Amber’s shoulder. They lie down.

The next morning, Kabir asks Shri if he will come to the party tonight. He replies that he will otherwise Swara will kill him. Shri asks about the engagement news. Kabir asks him to focus on the meeting. He asks if it’s about their promotion but then dicards the idea saying that the market is in loss. Kabir says that the market is not going well but Venut is doing better comparatively so it might be about promotion.

They go to the meeting room where more people of the company have gathered. Rishi comes there. Shri asks what he is doing there. Kabir replies that he doesn’t know and glares at Rishi talking to the company owner. The latter invites Rishi to make a special announcement. Rishi says that he met them all during training and told them that there is only one thing that doesn’t change in world and that’s change itself.

He adds that something like that is going to happen in this company as a major change is going to happen and he hopes they accept it. He announces that his company is taking over Venut and asks them not to worry as they will continue their job but there will be just a change in the company management as there will be a new CEO.

Rishi points the door and says that here comes the new CEO. Kabir and everyone look at door. He is shocked to see Niya walking in. Rishi introduces Niya as the new CEO of Venut. Kabir remembers Niya mentioning about a big break to him. Rishi congratulates with Niya. As everyone shakes hands with her, Kabir looks at her from corner. “Shayad” plays.

Kabir takes his bag and walks away. Niya goes to him and stops him. Kabir congratulates to her and calls her boss. Niya apologizes. Kabir says that he understands that she couldn’t tell him before official announcement. Rishi looks at them. Kabir says that he feels like they are getting distant. Niya says that it’s because of him but Kabir says that it’s because of both of them. Niya asks what’s the occasion for the get together. He leaves saying that he has work.

In the evening, Niya reaches Kabir and Swara’s party. She goes to Swara and praises the arrangement. Rishi comes to the party too. Kabir and Swara go to welcome him. Swara calls him boss and he hopes they invited him there as a friend and not boss so he asks them to call him Rishi. Swara accepts and asks what he would like to have. Rishi looks at Niya and says that he will take what he wants himself.

Kabir is about to walk towards Niya but Rishi goes to her first and asks Kajal if he can borrow her friend for a moment. Kajal leaves. Kabir looks at Rishi and Niya. Rishi apologizes for making her uncomfortable. She says it’s nothing like that.

Rishi says that if senior Sharma came to know about his feelings then he would have run behind him with sword. Niya laughs. She says that she isn’t uncomfortable but just stressed wondering that someone like him can like her. Rishi says that anyone can like her. He asks her to smile. She says she is fine. Kabir looks at them sadly.

Guneet and Amber come there. Amber wants to hold her hand but she refuses. Guneet goes to talk with others. Kajal reveal that Niya is their new CEO as Rishi took over Venut and nominated Niya as CEO. Guneet gets happy hearing that and goes to Amber telling that to him. He gets happy too and hugs Niya saying that he is proud of her.

While Guneet, Amber, Niya and Rishi talk and laugh, Kabir and Shri look at them. Shri says that it’s a perfect family and they look great together. He specifies he is talking about Guneet and Amber. Kabir recalls Niya saying that he is just a friend to her and she doesn’t like him. Kabir takes Niya to stage and announces their engagement. They hug. Niya looks down.

Episode ends

Precap: Guneet tells Amber that Niya should get settled: her heart got broken so now they must make her meet with people, with guys especially. Niya enters home and sees lots of boys sitting in living room. Guneet and Amber peeks inside.