Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 30th March 2020 Written Update: Amber decides to confess his feelings to Guneet

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 30th March 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kajal and Nia jumps in happiness after getting their first cheque for their first contract. Nia tells Kajal that how she and Kabir celebrated when they first time got the deal and says she learned many things there. Kajal says there only Nia got Kabir too. Nia recalls her meeting with him and agrees with Kajal and says now she is not fighting with him but can’t say everything will become like before. Kajal confidently says Kabir and Nia will be together forever.

Nia shows the cheque to Amber. Amber proudly sees that cheque and says finally Nia got her new company’s first cheque. Nia asks how he felt when he was going with Guneet on his bike. Amber says it’s not the first time so nothing different. Nia says it’s different because Amber loves Guneet now. Amber tries to change the topic and asks Nia to stop teasing him in every matter. Nia again starts to tease him with Guneet and asks when he is gonna propose Guneet. Amber says he is not understanding anything how to proceed and all and starts to blabber. Nia says he have to make effort then only he can reach next step. Amber says he should wait more. Nia suggests him to write letter or anything like that and asks him to take Guneet for dinner, there he can express his feelings to Guneet.

Kabir’s friend asks did Kabir remembers anything hearing late night shots and parties. Kabir tries to stop his friend from saying anything. Swara says she wants to know what was the scene. Kabir’s friend says Nia got her first deal and everyone celebrated that, in party Kabir went inside ladies washroom because he was drunk. Swara and Kabir’s friend teases Kabir. Kabir asks them to concentrate on the project and they talks about their presentation and Kabir goes from there saying he have to call someone. Swara sees Kabir mesmerizingly and Kabir’s friend notices that. Kabir’s friend asks is Swara interested in Kabir? That time Kabir comes there and asks them to see the presentation again and goes from there. Swara asks Kabir’s friend to do his work instead of asking her stupid question. Once he leaves from there she starts to blush thinking what’s happening with her.

Amber recalls how he and Guneet made dinner together. Nia asks him to listen his heart. Amber says Guneet’s mother will create mess. Nia says she will handle her and asks him to tell the truth of online dating app guy to Guneet. She asks him to tell Guneet about his feelings in dinner. She was about to go and comes again and teases Amber saying he is blushing. Nia calls Kabir and says tonight she can’t stay in house. Kabir asks what happened? Nia says she will tell him later and asks him meet her tonight. Kabir says he will meet her at 8pm. Nia asks anyone else too will accompany him? Kabir says just he will come to meet her. Nia says he will be so happy after hearing the news. Kabir says he is excited to hear her surprise and says he is happy that she came back to his life. Nia says she too feels same.

Episode ends.

Precap – Amber asks Guneet that will she accompany him for dinner? Guneet says it’s morning and she already had breakfast too. Amber says he is talking about tonight’s dinner. Guneet says it’s good now they are friends but it should have happened early. Amber says he decided to not fight anymore.