Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 31st December 2019 Written Update: Niya reaches India because of Amber’s accident

Episode begins with Manjari telling Amber will Niya forgive him after knowing the knowing the truth which he hided from her. Amber asks is she blackmailing him? She replies don’t loose the only relation too because of his behavior. For that Amber tells Manjari to leave the house.

Amber’s employee complaints about Amber to Randeep saying he never listens anyone’s suggestion but also praises saying he understands customer mindset very well. Randeep thinks about Niya and also remembers how she used to say few people never changes according to situations.

Randeep decides to talk to Amber so asks his house address to Amber’s employee. He reaches Amber house and tries to talk to him but Amber ignores him totally and leaves from there in his bike. Randeep curses his father in his mind because he doesn’t able to handle Amber.

Amber while driving thinks about Manjari words and also thinks about whatever happened in the office with Randeep. He also remembers about Ashok words. He was in so much stress that his bike hits with the car and accident happens.

On the other hand Niya’s boss praises her her work.

Guneet calls Niya in Amber’s mobile and tells his accident happened. Niya gets worried and says she wants to talk to him but Guneet says he is in unconscious state now.

Guneet admits Amber in hospital. Niya keeps thinking about Guneet words. Guneet calls Niya’s uncle and tells him about Amber’s accident. In the mean time nurse asks Guneet to fill the form. She does that.

Niya keeps crying thinking about her father and sitting on road alone.

Guneet dress and hands filled with Amber’s blood. She gets worried for him.

Niya reaches India and tells Kabir about Amber’s accident. He consoles her telling nothing will happen to her father. Niya reaches hospital and asks Guneet where is her dad? Guneet shocks seeing her there and points towards to room where Amber is there now. Niya cries so much after seeing Amber in ICU. Niya thinks how she fighted with Amber to go to America for her training and also thinks how he was against her decision of going to America. She says sorry to him for leaving him alone here who is unconscious now. Nurse asks her to go from ICU.

Niya comes outside and Guneet consoles her telling he is now out of danger. Niya asks how this accident happened but Guneet ignores her question. Niya wants to stay with her dad. So her uncle says he will talk with doctor to about this.

Episode ends.