Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 31st July 2020 Written Update: Niya suffers a heartbreak due to Kabir and Swara relationship

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 31st July 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Niya gets to know Kabir is in relationship with Swara right now. She gets upset over that and Kajal feels sad for Niya as she knows she has feelings for Kabir. Kabir can sense that Niya is upset and he tries to comfort her but she behaves like it’s all fine. Kabir says to her that you will always be an important part of my life. Niya says what will happen to me, I am fine. Niya told Kabir that you two make a great and good pair together. Swara comes and thanks her for the compliment.

Kabir says to Niya Swara told me that day about her feelings and I thought why don’t give a second chance to my relationship with her ? Niya feels dejected and sad but she covers up her feelings and doesn’t let Kabir know about it. She comes out of the office when Kabir also follows her and essays that please don’t feel bad that I didn’t tell you at first. Actually everything happened in a jiffy. Niya comes out of the office and she feels suffocated by the entire happenings inside the office. She remembered the words of Kabir and felt emotional.

On the other hand, Amber is extremely disturbed with the entire happenings between him and Guneet. He is telling Hakim over the phone to give back the money and informs her to end everything for once and all. RV comes back from office and realises the power is cut, he tells Amber that he can help him with this. He again gives an advice and Amber asks him is this habit of yours to give advice to people is a habit by birth or you developed this later on?

Swara asks Kabir does Niya hold the same importance in your life like that? Because if it is so then obviously it is unfair for all of us. Kabir says I will not commit to you if I was not sure about this relationship and once I have committed then I will not back out from this. Niya comes back home with a packet of pastries in hand, Arvind notices this and he says to them that both of you father and daughter enjoy eating together because I am having absolutely no heartbreak in my life hence I don’t need any cover up. Amber and Niya eats up so many chocolate pastries together to get away from their hollow feeling inside. Nia feels bad that she took so much time to understand her own feelings that Kabir completely goes away from her life. On the other side, Amber is still thinking about the interview of Guneet at the radio office.

Precap – Guneet is giving interview in radio office and Amber calls there as live audience.