Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 3rd November 2020 Written Update: Niya and Guneet argue

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 3rd November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kajal telling Niya how to behave in front of the boys. They wish all the best to each other. Kajal asks Niya to tell whether she likes someone and adds for her. They go outside and Kajal sends Niya inside a room with one candidate at time saying that others need space.

Guneet and Amber keep an eye on Niya and the boys while they talk. Niya starts feeling weird since they ask questions to her. She takes Kajal aside and tells her that the boys might think that she is the candidate. Kajal denies that and asks to continue with the other candidates.

One of the candidates tell Niya that he heard that her father married his tenant. She asks why he is talking about her father. He replies that he will have to bear his father after his marriage with her. Niya points at Kajal and says that she is the one whom he’d get married to. The guy says that he will marry her only. Guneet, Amber and Kajal interfere. The guy says that he won’t participate in their drama. Amber sends him and the rest of candidates away.

Niya asks Kajal if it was her idea. Kajal says that it was and explains that she couldn’t see her sad. Guneet reveals that it was her idea. Niya and Guneet start arguing. Amber tries to interfere but they stop him. Niya says to Guneet that she isn’t her mother. Guneet is taken aback by her words.

Guneet says that she isn’t her mother and she isn’t and has never tried to be just a friend, make her place in her heart, not be only her father’s wife as she wants place also in her life. Niya replies that she wants the same but this was a wrong way. She says sorry and leaves. Guneet leaves too.

At night, Amber is sitting sadly on swing. He says that Niya is like this only. He looks upwards and talks to his first wife saying that she has always known how Niya is. He is confused about what to do.

The next morning, Guneet is cooking. She coughs. Amber comes and there is an awkward silence at first. They both sit at table. Amber looks at Guneet who keeps looking down. Guneet looks up seeing Niya. Amber asks her to have breakfast. Guneet puts her plate on table but Niya grabs an apple and leaves. She doesn’t even stop when Amber calls her. Amber follows niya. Guneet asks Pakti to take the upma home and doesn’t let her even answer as she leaves.

Amber goes out and asks Niya that she is going early at office. Niya says that she has a lot of work at office. Amber asks her if she can talk with her but she replies no. amber offers her lift to office and promises not to speak. Niya is irritated.

Pammi asks Guneet if something happened since there is silence since she came back. Guneet says nothing but Pammi knows there is something wrong. Guneet says that there is no use telling her.

Niya and Amber sit at car. Amber tells her about their driver who had two wives and one of the wives brough a frock for the kid of the other woman and the girl liked it a lot. Niya asks who was the frock and points out that he was involved in the plan of making her meet with the guys. Niya asks him if he has forgotten how he was when her heart got broken, he didn’t marry anyone else forgetting Guneet. She says that it isn’t easy to forget love.

Later, Guneet is seen sitting on the chair. She is feeling weird. Amber comes and says that he had said that something wrong will happen. He wonders what she must be thinking of them. Guneet says that the problem is something else: she thought she was Niya’s friend, she was close to her, their relationship was strong but it’s nothing like that since Niya doesn’t consider her more than her father’s wife and she wants to be part of her life and be like her mother.

 Amber suggests to give her time since it’s not that she will stay a stepmother for lifetime. Guneet looks at him. Amber corrects himself saying that it’s not that she considers her stepmother now. He asks her to give Niya time. Guneet and Amber end up arguing too. Guneet leaves when Amber is saying that if she trusts him, then he will make everything fine.

Guneet goes in her room. She lies on the bed. Pammi comes and ask her what happened and if her health is ok. Guneet replies that nothing happened. Pammi emotionally blackmails her convincing her to go to the doctor.

Later, the doctor reveals to Pammi that she is going to become grandmother. Pammi gets emotional and hugs Guneet who cries. Pammi says that Waheguru has listened to her. They both are happy.

Episode ends

Precap: Pammi tells Guneet that Amber should be thankful for getting such a happy news in this age. Amber comes and Pammi and Guneet get silent. Amber asks Guneet if she wants to say something. She says yes.