Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 4th August 2020 Written Update: Niya hatches a plan to win the deal

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 4th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Amber talking with Guneet over the phone call in the radio office. He says to Guneet you examined every other person in the same parameters and that is why every other people who are there in your life is becoming distant from you. You don’t even want to look at the brighter side of life and wants to live with your judgemental thought about people.

Guneet says to Amber and you don’t have any idea about how one feel when you broke their trust, you don’t know how it feels when the person you trusted the most with all your fibre broke your trust in the worst possible way. Amber goes silent with her words and RJ plays another song for break.

On the other side, Niya meets her maasi in a cafe and both of them gets chatty over a cup of coffee. Her massi gives her a jewellery box. Niya says she can’t take it but her maasi says it is your mother’s stuff which was with me all these years. Now it will be with you forever, keep it in a safe place. Niya gets emotional over the piece of jewellery and says I will keep it safe in the locker as it belongs to my mother. Guneet has a conversation with her RJ friend about the caller and she finally admits to her that she personally knows the caller and there was something between us but then it’s all got over among us. She said to her friend that my father used to show us a picture of a house and used to say this house is ours but after his death that there is no such house and this is why I cannot forgive lies.

Kabir and Swara are getting close when Kajal and Niya comes there and starts doing celebration for them. Mia is trying to break the concentration of Swara so that she commits a mistake in the presentation work. On the other side, Amber gets an idea from Hakim to get Guneet back in his life again after he gets to know about her plans to shift the house. Hakim says to him if you want her back then the only way out is her mother.

Precap – Amber is spending time with the mother of Guneet. Guneet gets angry on him.