Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 6th January 2020 Written Update: Niya decides to stay in India

Episode begins with therapist helping Amber to do exercise. That time Amber gets call from Niya and she asks about therapy. Amber says exercise session going good but therapist shouts Amber didn’t completed the session and he goes from there. Amber asks Niya about her return ticket. Niya says she is not going America now. He says because of accident she should not take this decision. She says it’s her life and her decision and says she didn’t took this decision for Amber but for herself. She says she and Amber should stay together and it’s her final decision.

Amber talks with himself and says what happened to Niya that she is behaving like this now. Guneet comes there with juice and gives that to Amber. She says he should not interfere in Niya’s decision and also says he should not fight with Niya too because he can’t win against Niya.Guneet says he should do something so that Niya can trust him again and goes from there.

Guneet comes to meet Niya at some restaurant. Guneet asks what happened to Niya. Niya says she lost somewhere. But Guneet says there is no need to thank her. For that Niya says for whatever Guneet did to Amber she deserves many things more than thank you. Niya says she wants some advice from Guneet. She asks does Amber feels loneliness? Dose he need any partner? Guneet says children can never take partner’s place. She also says Amber can’t share everything with Niya because she is his daughter not a partner. She also says maybe Amber need partner too.

Niya comes home and recalls Guneet words. She thinks Amber is not sharing anything with her and he definitely needs a  partner.

Niya goes for jogging and sees the couple doing jogging there. She again recalls Guneet words.

Niya meets one lady in that park. Niya asks that lady doesn’t have any partner to exercise? That lady says her partner didn’t came today. So Niya and that lady together does exercise. That lady says if partners are equal then only everything will happen correctly. She says it’s not just for exercise bit also for life.

Shanti gives tea to Amber. He asks why Shanti staring him? She says when Niya was not here he used to drink alone but now Niya is here still he is drinking alone. He shouts at her and says no one listens him. Guneet sees him from upstairs. Guneet says if Amber listens Niya then only Niya will listen to him.

Amber acts like doing exercise when Niya comes home. Niya recalls that lady’s words. Amber asks her to drink tea with him but Niya directly goes to her room ignoring Amber. Amber shocks seeing that.

Episode ends.