Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 7th April 2020 Written Update: Nia gets to know about Amber’s lie

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 7th April 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Nia telling her friends that she is feeling relaxed today and they dances in the party. Nia checks the time and comes home. She says sorry to Amber for coming late. Amber says he have no problem with it. She asks did Amber had dinner? He says yes. She says she will have water and goes to kitchen and sees the plate in the sink and thinks test number 2 done. They sit to play rummy. Nia tells about Kabir telling that she can go somewhere on weekends. He asks did she told Shukla and his wife to come here. She says she just informed them about her US training. He wins in the game. She says good night and leaves from there. Nia excitedly packs her bag. Amber keeps her bag in the car and asks her if she kept her blanket in handbag. She says she kept everything and hugs him. He says just 2 years. She says she have a flight to catch. He says 2 years will pass fast. She says she is going for forever and will never return and sits in the car and leaves. Amber is shocked and looks at the car going and everything turns out to be his dream. He wakes up and goes to check Nia.

Amber checks his car. Nia says she will get all his test done tomorrow and asks where is her tiffin box. She goes to kitchen and sees the pasta in dustbin. She questions him about that. He tells that it fell on the ground so he threw it. She cries and tells that she will not go anywhere. He swears on Anjali and tells that it was not intentional. She refuses to believe him. He says he will adjust and will eat food on time and asks her to promise that Shukla and his wife will not come inside the house. She says they will come once in 15 days.

Kabir asks did Nia asked Guneet to go to Police and tells that if she goes to Police then her visa will be cancelled. Nia says she will go there. Guneet is at the police station. Inspector asks why she dated in this age? Guneet says she did a mistake by trusting a man and tells that she can’t stop trusting people with a betrayal. Inspector says they will search the person.Amber meets his friend and gives him pickle. His friend tells that he misses Anjali and asks about Nia. Amber tells that Nia is going to US and says she will get adjusted there. His friend tells that Nia’s life revolves around Amber. Nia meets Guneet and tells her that KK’s info was all fake. Shri sends Nia KK’s girlfriend’s message. Nia shows the message to Guneet. Guneet hugs Nia happily.

Episode ends.

Precap – Guneet and Amber talk on the songs and get nostalgic about old films.