Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 8th January 2020 Written Update: Niya says to Amber that he needs a life partner

Episode begins with Niya says Amber is not doing anything in his life which can keep him happy. She says she wants to see him happy and says he should enjoy his life Amber says he can’t be happy when she is not part of that life. Niya says he needs a partner. She says first he should understand her talks then he should react. She says he needs a life partner. She says he is alone now and he needs a companion. Amber doesn’t says anything and tries to go from there. Niya stops him and requests him to understand her. She says he is alone in his life.He says he is not alone and says he have his wife with him always.He also says she should not interfere in his life like this. And Amber goes from there angrily. Guneet hears everything from upstairs.

Niya writes in her blog about age and excitement have any connection or not. That time Guneet comes to Niya’s room and asks her to accompany her. They both goes to ice cream shop and eats their favorite flavors. Niya says Guneet should start her own blog. Guneet asks Niya to imagine if Amber comes to Niya and says him and Niya should go and search a partner for him because he feels alone. Guneet asks what Niya will do in that situation. Niya says he won’t do that. Guneet explains her that Niya too should not force him like this. She says change never happens suddenly and asks Niya to give some time to Amber. And she says till then she should find a partner for Amber.

Guneet and Niya comes home. They gets shocks listening Amber’s voice. Amber says he wants to talk something. He asks what was she doing outside in this late night. Niya says it’s just 11pm and they went to eat ice cream. She says she also bring his favorite flavor too. Amber again says he wants to talk something. Hearing that Guneet tries to go upstairs but Amber stops her and says he wants to talk with her only. Niya and Guneet gets shocks listening him. Niya says she is going upstairs to give the ice cream to Guneet’s mother.

Guneet says to Amber that she only took Niya outside with her. He asks she only told Niya about his loneliness? She says she only told the truth. Amber gets angry and shouts at her. He asks who is she to talk about him and his personal life. He says he didn’t like it the way she talked with Niya about his life. He says she should not think and talk about his life and should not advice Niya too like this. He says she is alone in her own life but talking with Niya about his loneliness. Guneet shocks listening his words. She gets emotional. He says she should save her own life first then she can think about others life and goes from there.

Guneet reaches her room and recalls Amber’s words. She also recalls her mother’s words about her marriage. She silently cries.

Episode ends.