Meri Gudiya 10th March 2020 Written Update: Madhuri rescues Avi from Krohini

Episode begins with Madhuri noticed Krohini is sitting with Avi in hand with the top of the fire stand. Krohini sits with Avi on the top of the fire and Madhuri says Krohini to leave her daughter. However, she doesn’t listen to her and Madhuri prays to goddess to give her strength to walk into the fire.

Madhuri finally rescues Avi and takes her away from there. Krohini gets burned in the fire. The family members are getting worried for Avi and they are trying to contact the police officers to find her out but they said that before at least 24 hours of missing they couldn’t take any legal step.

They are getting worried for Avi when Madhuri comes inside the house with Avi. Little bit she doesn’t know that Avi who is with her is not the real one but look a like only, whereas the actual Avi is with Rahu. Rahu understands that for whom he is waiting from years is Avi only.

Avi comes home and meeting with all the family members and suddenly when she comes to meet Ratri, for the first time she addresses her as Ratri mumma. Everyone in the house gets shocked to see that, Raghav actually didn’t see this coming at all and he was taken aback with this along with the other family members.

Madhuri finds the behaviour of her daughter is completely different from the usual one. She couldn’t figure out what is going wrong suddenly with her daughter because she doesn’t behave in such a way ever. However she didn’t react and take her away from their saying that you have to eat and then sleep also on time. Raghav comes to his room and thinks is it Madhuri who is making Avi close to Ratri?

Madhuri on the other hand is equally worried and thinks is it due to my mistake or something is really wrong in this whole thing and I am unable to see it? Raghav gets a call from Rahul that he will be absent for some days as he has to rush for a business deal in a hurry.

The next morning everybody in the house is trying to celebrate the festival of colours and they are preparing for it when the mother of Raghav instructed the staff members that today we will have jalebi and snacks in the food for guests and house people.

Avi comes out with Ratri and says to all that she got me a new pichkari. Madhuri feels odd with the behaviour of her daughter when Shaurya comes and wishes her Holi. Madhuri calls Avi to apply colours on her but when she does, Avi gets angry on her.

Precap – Avi says to Madhuri that she hates her.