Meri Gudiya 12th March 2020 Written Update: Madhuri is feeling negative about the surrounding

Episode begins with Avi is saying that she wants to go for a family picnic and outing as it’s been long that they are going out for such refreshment. Madhuri doesn’t agree for days and she says that we will not go anywhere and she will stay with me in this house.

Ratri says to Madhuri that she can go anywhere she wants, it is up to Avi if you wanted to go for a picnic then she will. Avi also says I wanted to go for an outing but you don’t care about my feelings mom, to Madhuri. Madhuri gets offended with the behaviour of a daughter but the family members also supporting Avi and say that if you want to go then we will go out for a picnic.

The real Avi is helping Rahu to build the bridge to reach towards the Amrit. The family members reached to export for family outing and Avi is playing with Ratri while Madhuri is getting some negative vibes from the place. She thinks why I am feeling that this place is not going to be safe and I have to be more cautious. She is continuously praying to God to keep things fine.
The real Avi is slowly building the bridge as she wants to reach out to her mother as soon as possible and Rahu is taking advantage of this feeling of her and is close to accomplish his goal.

Raghav ask Madhuri to enjoy with other people of the house and in the picnic but Madhuri says that she is fine and she is happy to see her daughter is happy and is enjoying to the fullest. Raghav goes to play with her daughter when it says that she has made the sentences and they should come and have it now as their breakfast. Suddenly abhi throws the freesbi up in the air and it goes so far. the caretaker of the farmhouse goes to bring it but due to the magic of Rahu a flower absorbs him into itself.

All the family members go to have their breakfast but Madhuri is feeling something is wrong. In the night, the flowers grows more and more and goes to the room of every person and one by one it absorbs everybody. Real Avi is doing the work of building the bridge as she got the magic trick now. In the morning, Madhuri finds the form house so empty and silent. She notices Avi and asks about others and she said all are gone now. Madhuri goes to check and find all the family members are converted into a tree. She gets shocked to see this and couldn’t understand how to recover them from it.

Precap – Madhuri finally gets to know real Avi is captive under Rahu.