Meri Gudiya 13th March 2020 Written Update: Madhuri goes underground to rescue Avi from Rahu

Episode begins with Madhuri is trying to save her daughter Avi when suddenly she noticed that Shaurya is coming there with his car and she asks him for his help. She said that I have this Holi vermilion with me please mix it with water and put the water in the base of the trees.

Slowly the family members are getting revived from the spells and Madhuri gets to understand that the one she is calling as her daughter is not the real person and her real daughter is somewhere else. Avi is making the bridge slowly and she finally gets succeeded to build the complete bridge. Suddenly a giant comes out from the fire and she says to Rahu to save ourselves from the danger.

Rahul himself couldn’t do that but the moment that giant tries to touch Avi, he himself got burnt and turned into an ash. Avi gets happy to see that giant is gone and then she comes back to take Rahu with her. Madhuri successfully abolish the shadow of Abhi and Shaurya revives all the family members from the danger while Madhuri goes inside the Patal Lok to rescue her daughter. she meets ketu was her to go back as she cannot save her daughter in the circumstances but she says I am a mother and a mother can do anything to save her children and you have no idea to what extent I can go to save my daughter in this scenario.

Ketu gives her challenge but she says she will not go from here. Avi is helping Rahu to cross the bridge when Pavi comes there and says Rahu that Madhuri is coming to rescue her daughter and you will not be able to win from her and Avi also says I know she will come and she will save me from this place and when she will be here she will finish everything at a go.

Precap – Madhuri is asking help from goddess Kali to rescue her daughter.