Meri Gudiya 16th March 2020 Written Update: Ratri is exposed in front of the Gujral family members

Episode begins with go back from where did you came and he sends back Madhuri to earth. Rahu is going to cross the bridge but before he can do that suddenly an earthquake starts and the entire area starts to shake as if a storm is about to come. the family members are getting worried for Avi and Madhuri because they are not yet back and Shaurya is trying continuously to get them on call but it is not happening. Ratri tries to instigate all of them against Madhuri. However, Shaurya defends Madhuri and says due to her all of you have revived again so the minimum courtsey you can show is being grateful.

Madhuri comes back home but she is protected state and Shaurya runs to her to give her support, even Raghav also got worried for her. Madhuri says to the family members that my daughter is in danger, this time I was not able to save her. She tells the entire family about the real identity of Rahul and says is not a human being but an evil energy who is after my daughter to fulfill his agendas and I have come back from death just to protect my daughter Avi.

Raghav didn’t understand what is going on? He tries to process the spoken words of Madhuri in his head but couldn’t gather himself together to believe it all. Madhuri says to the entire family that I am not alive I am just here to protect my daughter and this body is life less but I can just love my daughter because I am allowed to do that but apart from it, I have no connection to any human emotions or actions anymore. Ratri confirms her claims and says she is not alive but just a dead body who can speak, move and nothing else. Other side, Rahu is trying to stop the earthquake and says I will achieve what I want, no one can stop me.

Shaurya tries to know from Madhuri that if you can come back even after dying then your death has some mystery as well,it can’t be a normal death. Because as far as I remember the doctor clearly told you are out of danger and we can take you back home so what goes wrong suddenly that you left us all. Madhuri is trying to cover up Ratri but before she can say anything Artika in a way to save her sister actually spilled the beans.

The housemates get shocked to know that it was Ratri who killed Madhuri. She is the one for whom Raghav lost his wife and Avi lost his mother. Ratri tries to defend herself and says whatever I did, it is for the love I have for Raghav. Raghav says to her that leave my house immediately because I cannot tolerate you one more second also in front of my eyes. She is going from there with her sister when she noticed that Police officers are there to arrest her. She got triggered and says the behaviour of you all arised the hatred of my mind again and I promise that I’ll be back to take revenge from all of you.

Precap – Ketu comes to attack on the Gujral family and he starts with Raghav.