Meri Gudiya 17th March 2020 Written Update: Ketu attacks on the family members of Gujral family

Episode begins with Madhuri is standing alone in the garden area of the house and is singing how to save her daughter from this danger when Raghav comes there and stands at home and I am missing our daughter, Avi. Raghav says I cannot believe that you are not with us alive with you I feel like I am fine. Madhuri says nothing and no one is responsible for anything, it is just that the situation and circumstances are not in our favour.

Abhi on the other side is with Rahu and she is continuously asking for going away from there and is waiting for her mother but Rahu is making her do things. Finally Avi attacks on Rahu directly for making a fool out of him. Suddenly Ketu comes there and attacks on Raghav and imaginary somehow texim inside the house and also asked the other family members to come to the temple area.

Ketu says finally you are able to find out a solution to the problem. He says but now you have a challenge in front of you that if you go to save your daughter then your family will been in problem but if you stay with your family then you will loss your daughter for sure as you have only 3 hours. Madhuri is trying to think what can be the perfect way to save Avi and family both and finally she gets reminded of the holy water. So many snakes came into the house to help out Madhuri from this crisis and with the help of them she reached to the room of her daughter, Avi. The family is praying to the God to give them courage and protection in this hours of problem. Ketu tries to mock them but the family is not getting scared of him at all.
Madhuri reaches the spot of Guruji and tries to find out why she is there when suddenly she noticed the broken pieces of the doll and she decided to join it back together so that she can be both the places at a time. She tells the doll to go back in the house and take care of the family while she will be with Avi.

Precap – Madhuri asks blessings from Goddess Kali and she gives her a weapon to defeat the evils.