Meri Gudiya 18th December 2019 Written Update :- Rudraksha releases evil spirit to follow Avi

The episode starts with Madhuri returning home very tensed. She dials Raghav, he is in the office. She tells him about the sensation she felt while dropping avi to school. Raghav said it could’ve been because of the winter but Madhuri explained that it was something else. Raghav pacified her. He told her to go easy on Avi and let her grow, be protective but not over protective that hampers her growth only. She relaxes and agrees to what Raghav said.

Here, Rudraksha is talking about his plans to capture the living power, Avi. He opens a jar and takes out an evil spirit, in the form of a girl child, aged around Avi. But Ratri cannot see her and asks Rudraksha about the evil spirit. Rudraksha explains that only two people will be able to see the spirit, him and the girl with positive powers. The only girl who talks to the spirit will be our divine girl and we will be able to capture her. He then sends her to school to be among the children.

The girl spirit goes to the school and starts talking to other girls, but no one can see her. Here Turanta and dadi are segregating clothes which are to be donated. Madhuri comes in a little while and also starts segregating the clothes. She then picks up Avi’s clothes and starts reminiscing about them. Seeing this, dadi directs Turanta to not donate Avi’s clothes and send them back to her room.

Madhuri gets happy on seeing this. Avi is talking to her friend and then her friend goes to drink water. The spirited girl reaches the place and is saddened that no one can talks to her. Then Avi sees her and starts talking to her. Rudraksha sees this and gets very excited on seeing that Avi is the girl whom they are looking for.

Ratri gets excited too and tells him to capture Avi, but Rudraksha says that it will happen in its due time and not today. This leads to a heated discussion between the two. After sometime Rudraksha agrees on capturing Avi the same day.

Madhuri goes to the school to pick up Avi. Rudraksha starts following them in his car. Madhuri tells Abdul to pick up the speed as they want to reach home soon. Ratri also speeds up the car. While following Madhuri’s car, their car falls flat and couldn’t keep up with them. Later they call a mechanic to repair their car.

Madhuri reaches home with Avi, both of them are talking about going to the park and Madhuri is giving her all the conditions to go, keeping the shoes in the right place, to start with.

Madhuri and Avi leave for the park and Rudraksha sees their car arriving. He too gets in his car and starts following them. This time Ratri tells Rudraksha that she wants to capture and kill the jeevatma or the positive spirit. Rudraksha agrees to this and allows her to do that with his winning wishes for her.