Meri Gudiya 18th March 2020 Written Update: Madhuri gets blessings from Goddess Kali to defeat her enemies

Episode begins with Madhuri is telling the doll that I joint you back to help me out in this time of crisis so now you please go back to my house and take care of my family while I will go and save my daughter Avi from the danger as she is alone there. The doll goes away and Madhuri gets to hear a voice, coming from the background but she can’t see anybody around her. The voiceover says that her daughter is in grave danger and she has very less time to rescue her from that and this time she needs a power, rather a diving power to defeat the evils.

Madhuri decided that she will pray hard for her daughter because she is a mother as well and if she can call another mother of this universe with full dedication and devotion then she has to listen to her and has to appear on earth to abolish The evil forces. She goes to a statue of goddess Kali and starts to pray that she needs help and assistance this time to save her small daughter as she is innocent and also a part of the divine energy. She pleads in front of her that a mother needs assistance from another mother and today you have to come up and help me out. She performs the tandav in front of the statue to arise the anger inside. She performs tandav and after she has done with her dance she falls on the floor and is breathing heavily.

Suddenly, the garland from the neck of goddess Kali falls on Madhuri and also she gets a weapon from her hand on her lap as a form of the blessings from goddess to win the war against Rahu and ketu. Ketu informed the family members that Madhuri has got a solution for this problem as well as she achieved the blessings from Goddess Kali. The family members get happy and thank God for helping out their daughter in law. Madhuri is all set to avenge her enemies and she presents on that but when she finds out that so many snakes are surrounding her.

Raghav is trying to find out his wife and his daughter when Ketu meets him in the midway and tries to scare him. She is going to attack them when the snake turns into God and he reveals his identity. He says we are here for your help and my name is Vasuki and your daughter is not a normal person but she is a part of the epitome of energy and power. Madhuri realised that he is being a helping hand to her all this while. On the other side, Ratri is asking help from her sister Artika says that I want to go out of this place please help me out by hypnotizing all of them. After a small argument, Artika gets ready to help Ratri in this matter.

Precap – Madhuri and Rahu confrontation regarding the rescue of Avi.