Meri Gudiya 19th December 2019 Written Update : Adrika and Rukdraksha make new plan for Avi

The episode starts with Avi and madhuri in the park. Madhuri says that we should return home quickly as it is very cold outside. But she asks her to for some more time. They start playing blindfold. Madhuri is blindfolded and she has to find Avi. After not being able to find her for long, she decides to remove her blindfold. Avi is no where to be found.

Madhuri gets really scared. She starts searching for her everywhere. She starts asking people about her. She then calls raghav and informs him about her that she couldn’t find Avi. Then Avi returns to madhuri with some flowers that she had gone to get it for her. Madhuri is talking to Avi when a woman sees ratri and talks to her about seeing her after so many years. In the meantime madhuri and Avi go from the park. Then late at night ratri and adrika are in talks about losing Avi and Rukdraksha getting angry.

Ratri then tells her that she will prepare a potion and after testing it on the man, make Avi drink that anyhow. Madhuri tries to make Avi sleep and then raghav comes and talks to Avi. He tells her to always inform mumma before going anywhere even for the slightest moment. Avi agrees and then goes to sleep. Raghav tells madhuri to relax. Ratri tests the potion on the man. He dies in a few moment.

Ratri and others get relaxed on seeing this. They then plan how to make Avi have the option. Avi prepares to go to school the next day. Her stuff is nowhere to be found, madhuri is finding them. Rudraksha and others reach school. Adrika takes the form of a girl and enters the school with the potion mixed in a chocolate. The girl with negative energy is also sent to the school. Avi sees that girl and tries to go to her.

Adrika appears in front of Avi and offers her chocolate. Avi identifies adrika as a woman and not as a girl.