Meri Gudiya 19th March 2020 Written Update: Madhuri becomes unstoppable post the blessing of Maa Kali

Episode begins with Madhuri is having conversation with Vasuki who is telling her that Avi is daughter of Lord shiva and she is a part of his existence. Madhuri face of existence she has their so much and suffering in her life ? why he is not coming to her rescue? Vasuki says sometimes we have to get caught in the hands of destiny and we have to play along with time. Adrika is hypnotizing the officials in the police station and asks them to do things she is asking for. She is asking the sub inspector to open the lock up and give her his gun and also keys along with the police jeep.

Ratri and Adrika both legs for Gujral house so that they can take their revenge from everybody and also find out about Raghav. Ketu comes to inform Rahu that Madhuri got blessings from Goddess Kali herself and it will be impossible to stop her right now. Rahu creates a army of evil and self this people are well announced to stop Madhuri from coming here as we are running short of time, it is only 2 hours left for the whole process to get completed and till that time we have to stop Madhuri at any cost. Ratri reaches the Gujral mansion using the police Jeep and she enters the house with the gun in her hand.

The mother of Raghav is praying to God to fix everything like before and make things easy for them when she hears the voice of Ratri and she comes out and questions her, why she is back in the house after all those things? Madhuri after having a conversation with Vasuki goes into the underground area to reach out to Rahul and rescue her daughter. She confronts a large number of army sent by Rahul to stop her but she is unstoppable today due to the force she is having in herself from Goddess Kali. Ratri says to the family members that she is not here to do any damage but all she wants is the acceptance by the family members as a daughter in law of the house. However no one agreed to her words and they slammed her instead.

Ratri and Adrika get angry with this and literally start to threaten them. Suddenly Adrika noticed the doll Pari and before she does anything to her she was made into dust by Pari followed by Ratri as well. Madhuri finishes off all the evil army of Rahu and she said that today no one can save you from the fury of a mother. Rahu is doing his process and he thinks that only some time is left for him to gain it all at once. Madhuri comes there and challenges him that today he will meet his deadly fate.

Precap – A huge fight is happening between Rahu and Madhuri