Meri Gudiya 20th December 2019 Written Update: Ratri reaches Avi’s house

The disguise of Adrika could not affect Avi and was seen by her. She didn’t take the chocolate from her. Ratri gets upset with Adrika, saying that her plan didn’t work, to which Rudraksha says that this is not a complete failure. He says that atleast we are confirmed that it is the positive living power we are searching for and it is her only who will get us to our Destination. They all relax then and continue with their work. Avi plays with her chachu in the garden and Madhuri goes into the house to see Raghav. He is looking at their marriage album.

Madhuri and Raghav spend some quality love talk time together. Some moments of love in the midst of all the tension going around is always rejoicing and all the more relaxing. Avi sees them sharing their talks and says why didn’t they invite her to their marriage. Raghav and Madhuri smile. Raghav says that for you only we got married. Madhuri gets very happy and emotional on hearing this. Ratri goes to a mall in the city, to her shock she sees someone there, a person whom she used to love in her college days and who even rejected her love proposal when proposed. It was Raghav! Raghav, Who is also Avi’s father, the girl with powers behind whom she and Rudraksha are there to kill her. This visual first shocks and upsets her and then brings an idea to her mind. She deliberately hit herself on the head and fell on the ground.

Raghav sees this and takes her to his home. She wakes up and finds Madhuri with her. Soon after Raghav also appears. Madhuri tells her that she knows about Raghav and her and pacifies her by saying that it’s no wrong to like anyone. Raghav is happy to see his friend after so long. Madhuri then introduces Avi to Ratri and later invites her for dinner. She rejects at first but later agrees on the request of Dadi. Later she receives a call from Rudraksha who gets angry on her. She tells that she is on her path and doing her work diligently and will try to finish it before the eclipse two days later. Madhuri takes Ratri to Avi’s room.

Madhuri says that it was all decorated according to Raghav’s plan as his life resides in Avi. Avi then shows her doll to Ratri which scares her for a moment. Madhuri tells Avi to stop. Ratri realises that Madhuri never leaves Avi’s side and forr sometime alone with Avi, she asks Madhuri to get her something. Madhuri tells Avi to not disturb Ratri aunty much and also tells Ratri jokingly that Avi is an old woman in talking as she can talk for long hours.

Madhuri then goes out of the room. Ratri takes Avi to the balcony to show her the stars, when she couldn’t, she brings a table in which she makes Avi stand to see the stars in order to push her from there.