Meri Gudiya 23rd December 2019 written update: Madhuri meets with a car accident while going to Avi’s school

Madhuri is talking to her mum and expressed her fear about the entire happenings. She says according to the Hindu calendar, I will go to the mahavir temple and will complete my circles on the eve of my daughter’s birthday. She says maybe this can ease the fear in my mind regarding everything. She asks her mother that I give you all so much tension? She says let me go and make some cookies for her.

Madhuri gets a call from her husband and she is talking to him and asks to come home soon. He asks her is everything ok at house or if Avi is fine? Madhuri says everything is fine in the house and it’s just that I just want to in house soon. Madhuri is in kitchen and making cookies for her daughter when rajshree comes from behind and she is watching Madhuri with cunning eyes. Madhuri says I was just making coffee for myself and also preparing cookies for my daughter.

Madhuri tastes the coffee from the mug made by Ratri. While she is thinking in mind that do pamper your daughter as much as you can for now because after sometime your daughter will lose her mother and this bond between both of you will get broken. Madhuri is asking Ratri is your purpose served for Shimla? Rajshri says maybe after sometime it will be done. Madhuri is talking with her husband and he says that I am going to the room of my daughter you come there with your coffee and cookies. Madhuri’s mother is praying to the God that please take care of my Madhuri and her daughter Avi and keep them away from all the evil eyes.

In a parallel place, the tantriks are doing their meditation and says with the grahan of Sun the death of the mother will occur and we will go near our goal. Madhuri is on her way and he calls Raghav and says I will definitely go to pick up Avi from school. She somehow reaches the Temple and says I have to complete 1001 circles around the tree within this half an hour before anything evil can occur in the temple area. abhi is waiting for her mother in the school that she will come to pick her up but she is in the temple.

Avi is waiting for her mother in the school while on the other side Madhuri falls while taking circles. She somehow unable to complete the last two circles for her daughter and she comes to the Guruji and says I couldn’t complete the circles and this eclipse came as someone’s last times. She runs to save her daughter Avi and finds the driver is missing in the car and she tries to call him but he is unreachable. She remembers the words of the priest and gets worried for her daughter. She decides to drive the car all by herself to reach out to her daughter. She is having a conversation with her husband Raghav and he is saying that what is the need for you to drive the car all alone you could have informed me and I will come there.

Madhuri is driving the car and is feeling and itching in her hand and suddenly she noticed that her left hand is turning blue and she remembers that three tied a bracelet in her hand last night. She remembers the word of rajshree and suddenly some kids comes in front of her car and she moves the staring in a different direction. She somehow pulls the break of the car and stops it before it can hit those kids but then she noticed a truck from a different direction directly comes and hits her car. The car flipped on the road and collided with a tree and the blood shaded hand of Madhuri comes out of the car.

Precap – Raghav brings Madhuri to hospital and her operation is going on. Avi wants to meet her mother.