Meri Gudiya 28th December 2019 Written Update: Avi goes to find Madhuri alone

The episode starts with dulaari kaaki making chocolate milk shake for Avi and is joined by abdul chacha. Both of them grief for madhuri. Abdul chacha says that now she only has to make the milkshake for Avi. Dulaari kaaki holds herself and goes to Avi to give her the milkshake. Everybody else is sitting at the breakfast table. Kaaki tells Avi to drink the milk. Madhuri in the doll finds that the milk is very hot and cools it down with her powers.

Avi then tells her chachu to take her to meet her mother. Chachu in order to delay the plan, makes an excuse that Raghav has to go for a very important meeting and cannot cancel that. Raghav too tells her that they will go to meet Madhuri once the meeting is over. Avi tells everyone that all of them are liers and are making fake promises to her. She takes her doll and goes to her room. She then makes a plan that she will go in search for madhuri all by herself. She tells the doll that dadi had given her some money and she had saved it.

Avi takes out the money and shows it to Pari, her doll. Madhuri speaks from the doll that Avi must not leave the house and go anywhere alone. Pari also sticks her hand behind the bed. Avi releases her from there and takes her with her. She escapes being seen first by dulaari kaaki and then from her daadi and her chachu. Dadi and chachu are seen talking to each other. Chachu tells dadi that he doesn’t know what to tell Avi everytime she asks for Madhuri. He always feels helpless.

Avi escapes them too and goes out to the auto stand. There she meets a man who tells her to go back home and come with her parents as she might get lost or even hurt by the fast speeding vehicles on the road. Avi goes around looking for ways to go to the hospital. She finds a auto where in a woman was going to some hospital. Avi enters the auto. During the journey people kept getting off the auto. When the final lady gets down the auto driver asks the woman to pay for Avi. She replies that she doesn’t know who she is.

The driver then asks avi about her whereabouts and got to know that she has come out alone of the house. He thinks of taking her back to the auto stand where they will ask others about her house so that she can go back to her family. In the meantime dulaari kaaki informs someone in madhuri’s family about her demise. Dadi tells her to inform others too.

Raghav comes running to them searching for avi. She is nowhere to be found. Everyone starts looking for Avi. Ratri sees avi getting in the auto. She thinks of something and starts following the auto. She then tells the auto driver that she knows the girl and tells him that she is from her family. Avi too confirms to the driver that she kNows ratri. The driver allows her to go with ratri.

Ratri plans of taking avi to the place where rudraksha is present so that they can fulfill their mission. Ratri even calls rudraksha from the car and informs about the same. Rudraksha is very happy on hearing this. He tells her to bring avi soon. Madhuri from the doll says that she cannot let avi go with her and has to do something to stop them. She uses her power to let a fly in the car which disturbs ratri. Ratri is disturbed by this and gets distracted.

Raghav goes out in search for Avi. He sees them in the car. He starts following them. Ratri too notices that raghav is following. She changes her route and takes avi back to her home. She sees this plan failing too. In reaching the house everyone comes out and are relieved to see avi. Raghav too reaches and asks avi to apologise to ratri as avi said that ratri too made a false promise to her. Avi refuses to apologise.