Meri Gudiya 3rd January 2020 Written Update: Rudraksha punishes himself

The episode starts with pari falling off from Avi’s hand and going on the web created by ratri to break it. Avi shouts about pari. Everybody hears her shout and run towards her. Ratri reaches her and again gets irked on her getting saved again. The family asks what happend and she informed that pari fell off. Madhuri says that she will foil all the plans of ratri.

Dadi refuses to have food. She rejects everyone’s requests and goes to her room. She is upset about all the happenings. Avi says that milk is not sweet enough. Ratri says that she will care about it from the next time. Shaurya too says that he will not have dinner and takes Avi with him. Avi is sleeping in her room with pari sitting by her side. Pari moves her hand Avi’s head. Raghav recalls the song madhuri used to sing for Avi when she was a little Baby.

Raghav feels that Madhuri is somewhere near him. Raghav goes to Avi’s Room. He sees that the lullaby is being played on a recorder. Raghav takes Avi in his lap and tells her that he felt madhuri is around them. Avi too tells him the same thing. Raghav says that her mother is always there for her as mothers are stronger than god too. Both of them miss madhuri. Raghav puts Avi To sleep. Raghav says that madhuri is always going to be close to them.

Raghav is not in a good of mindset and cancels all his meetings for the day in his office. He talks to madhuri through her photo. Miss piya returns to the office. She is informed about raghav being in office. She goes to meet him in his office. Raghav is surprised to see her. She requests him to take a break and go to his house. Raghav asks her to go as she has also taken a long flight back. Raghav accepts her request and goes back home.

Piya says she will handle everything. Rudraksha felt tied by something. He wakes up suddenly. Rudraksha asks ratri about her efforts. Ratri tells him that all her efforts have been up to the mark. Rudraksha tells that failure is failure and for it only punishment can be given, and no mercy. He brings a dagger with his power and cuts his hand. He says he is punishing himself for his failures. He further says that there is some positive energy around Avi which is saving her and foiling all their plans. He talks about something big happening soon in the future.