Meri Gudiya 4th January 2020 Written Update: Rudraksha is confused about the positive power

The episode starts with rudraksh remembering everything that has happened to him. Ratri asks him for an explanation. He tells her that this has never happened before with him. He too wants to know about it. He further says that there is some positive energy after him which is also saving Avi. He says that they will have to capture Avi To be protected from all this. Rudraksha sees something and is filled with amazement.

Avi is sitting with kaaki in the garden. She is stuck with a maths question. She says that she hates maths and when will she get time to paint. Kaaki says that everything that we do not like does not mean that it is bad for us. Ratri appears before Avi To help her. Ratri looks at the question and solves it for Avi. Avi then decides to go for painting. Ratri too wants to join her.

Ratri asks Avi why isn’t she eating anything from the plate. Ratri gives a chocolate to Avi. Pari ask Avi To not eat the chocolate as ratri’s intentions are not good. Pari drops a bowl of colour on ratri. Avi and kaaki go to get water for her. Ratri says that this is the best time for the colour To drop on her as it is the time when raghav also returns. She wants to spend time with him. Ratri goes to raghav’s washroom To clean herself. Raghav asks for a coffee to be sent directly to his room. Pari requests him to stop. Raghav sees the flower dropping from madhuri’s photo. He gets angry on this. He talks to her photo. Raghav says that while she was alive nothing used to get shifted from it’s place.

Ratri is trying Madhuri’s dress and is snatched by Raghav. He tells her that though Madhuri is not among them but he will never let anyone else wear her dress. Ratri too apologises to him. He keeps back the dress. Ratri leaves the room. She promises herself of making Raghav her own. Raghav remembers his time with madhuri in the gown. He says that he cannot share Madhuri with anyone. Everyone is running after Avi to get her ready for school. Avi says that she doesn’t want to go to the school. Kaaki even brings pari To convince her. Pari says that there must be some reason why Avi is behaving like this.

Madhuri remembers a time when Avi had said that she didnt want to go to the school. When pari takes raghav’s name, he gets a feeling that madhuri is calling him. Rudraksha talks about the place where they are going to do the next black magic. Shaurya still tries to convince Avi to go to the school. Ratri is happy about the web created by Rudraksha. He says that the web is invincible. Raghav comes to Avi. She tells him that she doesn’t want to go to the school.

Rudraksha tells them that this is going to be a strong plan and Ratri will have to attack the house and housemates from inside. Raghav tells Avi that she will spend the whole day in his office. Avi gets happy on hearing this. She goes to get ready. Rudraksha talks about wanting to know about the positive powers that is helping Avi. He wants to capture the power.