Meri Gudiya 4th March 2020 Written Update: Madhuri faces challenge at the breakfast table

Episode begins with Avi is sleeping in her room when Krohini comes and Avi opened her eyes at that moment and gets scared to see her. On the other side, Madhu is preparing a gift for her daughter because she will get happy to get a gift as she lost a tooth today. Avi thinks of Krohini as the tooth fairy told by her mother and says you have something to take my but why are you in black attire? Cause fairies are always so fair and white. she changes herself using her powers in magic and ask how I am looking now? Avi approves and gives her the tooth and when Madhuri comes inside the room and asks Avi why she is not sleeping till now? Avi says the tooth fairy came here to take my tooth and I am talking to her. Madhuri understands that there is no fairy came inside the room but Krohini as she can notice the black feather is left on the floor. She decides to have a word with Rahu regarding this. In the morning, Ratri is talking to Artika and says that we live in a room together like strangers because Raghav doesn’t even pay attention to me and all he says is that he is just doing the duty of a husband. Rahu comes there and says if then you should return the same favour when he will notice that you are making efforts then he has to to do things for you because that is what fair judgement stands for?
Avi asks Madhuri to have breakfast with her on the table and Madhuri is unable to consume or eat anything as her body is above the human reactions and activities. Avoid the situation but due to excessive requests from her daughter she couldn’t resist it. Rahul made fun of her and say please go ahead and have the food so that people can get to know that you are not a human being but just a soul. With much difficulties Madhuri did eat the food and it leaves an effect on her. She is trying to escape the situation and have the holy water because to be with her daughter and protect her it is really important that she preserved her human body first. Unknowingly Artika helped Madhuri to have the holy water and when goes inside to change her clothes Artika closed the door so that she can not come out. However, Madhuri rich the school of Avi overcoming every hurdle and barrier and she tried to play hide and seek with the kids but Krohini comes there to attack on Avi.
Precap – Madhuri noticed Krohini in the school and gets angry.