Meri Gudiya 5th March 2020 Written Update: Madhuri gets some powers to prevent Krohini and Abhishala

The crows attacked Avi and her friends in the school premises when Madhuri is trying to play hide and seek with them. abhi is trying to call Madhuri for health when she is counting numbers to open her hands and look for the kids.

When Madhuri opens her eyes she noticed that so many crows have covered and trying to hurt Avi and she is trying her best to prevent it. Madhuri also tries to help Avi and prevent the crows but before that one of the crows attack Madhuri and she falls on the floor.

Madhuri prays for the Miracle of God and says please save my daughter from this danger. Madhuri is finally able to do magic on Krohini and it succeeded in making them go away from there. Madhuri comes home with a v while on the other hand Rahu gets the piece of tooth from Krohini and he says to himself that there is only few time is left for me to get what I am looking for and then I will become the most successful and powerful human being in the entire world.

Avi says to her mother that I am alright right now and you don’t need to take any stress for me. Madhuri smiles and says to Avi that you please take care of yourself and get some sleep while I will bring something for you to eat. Ravi says to Madhuri that you are also tired and you must be needing rest more than me so you too go and take some rest.

Madhuri says I will but before that I will bring something for you to eat and then I will go to get some sleep. Before going away from the room of Avi, Madhuri says to her that from now on if any stranger comes in front of your eyes and says isn’t good things to you then also please don’t rely on believe in them as all the people are not really helpful or pure at heart.

Madhuri goes downstairs when again Krohini enters the room. Krohini tries to menu plate of me to come with her but she says I am not going to talk to you and then I am going to entertain your company because I know somewhere that you cannot be the tooth fairy. Avi calls for Madhuri but before she can enter the room rohini starts to forcefully take away Avi with her.

Krohini closes the door of the room so that we cannot enter but Madhuri also used her powers which she got as a form of boon for the good mother to open the door but before she can do anything, Krohini sex with her and she starts to fly. However, Madhuri feeling angry for trying to cause harm to her daughter.

Precap – Avni says you can not be the tooth fairy of mine.