Meri Gudiya 6th January 2020 Written Update: Piya warns Raghav against Ratri

The episode starts with guruji doing his worship and saying that he has seen from his divine powers that the negative energies have started creating a web for Avi. He also says that he will have to inform his Gurudev as his protection only will help Avi. Raghav takes Avi to his office. Avi calls the intercom and asks for three coffee. Piya comes to see them. She asks Raghav as to why is he in the office when instead he should have been at home. Raghav informs her that him and Avi both don’t feel like staying at home and hence he decided to bring her to the office. Piya tells him to do the best thing.

Avi tells Raghav that she will visit the office and comeback soon. She goes to play in the office. Avi starts talking to the office people. Avi starts teaching everyone the alphabets. Pari tells Avi to stop doing this. Raghav comes out of his office and finds out that Avi has made the office people get disturbed from their work. Ratri comes to the office. Raghav asks her the reason to be there. Piya says that nothing is disturbed and asks everyone to get back to work. Ratri looks at Piya. Ratri tells Raghav that she has come to meet Avi in the office. Pari is the one who knows about her being there.

Raghav introduces Avi to Ratri. Piya and Ratri talk to each other. Both of them talk about their friendship with raghav. Raghav says that he is not angry on Avi. Ratri too supports in this. Piya leaves them in the office and goes out. Ratri tells him that she had come to the office to apologize to him. Raghav tells her to leave the formalities. Raghav too apologises for his behavior with her the other day. Ratri offers him to share his responsibilities. She asks him to allow her to take Avi out of the office. Raghav opposes this at first but at repeated requests he agrees with her.

Ratri tells him that her going out with Avi will help him focus on his work. Pari tells Raghav to stop. Raghav Thanks Ratri for doing this. He tells her that she will always remain his best friend. Ratri takes Avi out. Ratri takes Avi out in the car. Piya gets Raghav some coffee. They both talk something about the business. Raghav finds her stressed and asks her the reason. Piya asks him about Ratri. Raghav tells her that she doesn’t like Ratri. Piya tells Raghav to be careful from Ratri and gives the same advice for Avi. Ratri tries to do some talk with Avi. She asks Avi the reason of her being sad. Avi says that she only shares her problems with her mother and also because she was able to help her.

Ratri tells her that she will also help her as she too was her mother’s friend. Pari is confused by Ratri’s talks. She couldn’t understand what Ratri is up to. Raghav tells Piya that Ratri is not a bad person and he knows her very well. Piya further says that people do change. Raghav is not ready to listen to anything. He says that Shaurya also keep saying the same thing. Piya says that her intuition is not wrong. Raghav tells her to go so that he could do his work.

Precap: Shaurya talks to dadi about Ratri not being a good woman and her trying to fill the place of madhuri. Avi informs Ratri about her mother’s birthday.