Meri Gudiya 6th March 2020 Written Update: Madhuri rescued Avi from the clutches of Krohini

Episode begins with Krohini bringing Avi from the house, Madhuri remembers the moment when Guruji says to her that a married woman can be powerful with the usage of her vermillion only. She throws sindoor on Krohini but really doesn’t help her much and says to Avi I am coming to you soon.

Krohini brings her in her den and Avni says yiu can not be a tooth fairy as you look like a crow. She says not crow but I am Krohini and no one can be like me. Avi says you are elder to me and I am younger to you so much and you are elder to me then how you will be my friend?

She says you are right, you are younger to me but there are two babies lying there please play with them. Avi looks down and says so much big egg? Krohini says not egg but they are my babies only. Avi says hi to the babies and the baby crows slowly comes out from the eggs and Avi gets excited to see this as it is something she has never seen ever.

Madhuri is trying to search for Avi and she finds some black feathers in the way and she decided to follow them to find out the path to Avi and Krohini. Avi is looking at Krohini and her babies and she feels sad because it is reminding her about her own mother and she says to Krohini to let her go as she is missing her mother too much.

Krohini decided to complete her work first to get the shadow and tear drop of Avi now as the sunlight will help her to get a shadow of Avi. She asks Avi to stand still and not move and she finally captures her shadow and tears as well.

Avi says it’s been long please let me go back to my mother as she will be worried for me but Krohini thinks what if I bring Avi herself to Rahu then he will make me the queen of crows and will be double impressed by me. She is going to capture Avi when Madhuri finally reaches there following the feathers and calls for Avi.

Avi is going to her mother once seeing her there but Krohini is trying to stop her. Madhuri says to Krohini to leave her daughter but Krohini doesn’t listen and wants to fight with her. Madhuri is going to end Krohini when Avi says dont kill her, she is a mother herself and she has two small babies. We shouldn’t hurt anybody’s mother at all, you taught me this only.

Please let her go as she is saying sorry only. Krohini had a change of heart and she asked sorry from Madhuri and she left with Avi from there. Rahu comes and asks for his things however, Krohini declines to handover the shadow and tear drop to Rahu as Avi is a daughter is a mother and being a mother she can understand the sufferings.

Precap – Rahu kills the babies of Krohini and she is going to snap at him but he strangles her.