Meri Gudiya 7th January 2020 Written Update: Another plan of Ratri fails

The episode starts with Ratri driving Avi with her and Avi asking her about her help. Ratri promises her that she will help her. Avi Complaints about a boy who eats all the other student’s tiffin. Ratri tells her that she will make him her friend and so he will not Trouble her again in the future. Ratri and Avi go to a park. Avi tells her that she wants to go shopping in the evening as she has to buy some important stuff for her school. This park is Avi’s favourite place as she used to come there with her mother. She then plays hide and seek with Ratri.

Everyone is at the dinner table and ratri is serving food to all. She serves noodles to Avi and the rest of the food to all others. She tells turanta to bring pooris and says that she will serve them. Shaurya sees all this happening with a doubt. Avi likes the noodles. Dadi and Raghav are happy with Ratri For her help. Avi does not allow ratri to sit on Madhuri’s chair. Even on repeated requests she did not allow her. She placed pari on the chair. Raghav gets mad at her and asks her to apologise to ratri. She refuses and leaves with Pari.

Ratri goes to Avi’s room and talks in phone with her sister Adrika. She tells her that she will now kill Avi as she has insulted her and take Madhuri’s place in the house. Raghav talks to dadi about feeling helpless about handling Avi. Ratri reaches the room and sees Avi standing there being upset. Ratri tries to kill Avi with her evil magic. Shaurya talks to raghav about his behavior with Avi and handling her. Raghav does not answer him properly. When ratri is about to attack Avi, Raghav reaches the room.

Avi is angry on Raghav. Raghav talks to her very politely and asks her to apologise to ratri. She does the same and also tells her to never try to sit in Madhuri’s chair from the next time. Ratri too promises her that she will not try to sit on Madhuri’s chair. Avi requests Raghav to get her to sleep. Raghav after a long time makes his daughter sleep. Ratri gets irritated seeing this. Shaurya goes to dadi’s room. She finds him tensed and asks him the reason for the same. He tells her that he is tensed about Raghav getting influenced by Ratri. Dadi tells him to not think anything negative. He tells her that she is not trying to help but only pretending in order to come close to Raghav.

Precap: it’s Madhuri’s birthday. Ratri, Avi and Raghav decide of celebrating it. Ratri gets a cake, and she wants Avi to like the cake and her to so that she can go closer to Raghav. Avi dislikes the cake.