Meri Gudiya 9th March 2020 Written Update: Rahu creates a look a like of Avi

Episode begins with Rahu who is asking Krohini to give him shadow and tear drop of Avi so that he can use it to do his magic and can proceed further in his plan. Krohini declined to give him the essential things, Rahu got angry with her. He asks her sarcastically about her babies and burns them into ashes in anger.

Krohini is all set to attack Rahu but he holds her and tries to strangle her. He takes out her brain and saved all the emotions and weaknesses of any human beings stored in their brains if I take that out when you will not be able to feel anything in future. Krohini finally becomes emotionless and she does work on orders and she gives him the shadow and the tear drop finally which she collected.

Rahul does his magic with that elements and finally he creates another Avi who is exactly look alike and this version of Avi will do things on his instructions. He comes back home and noticed that Madhuri is cleaning the colours from the dress of her daughter when raghav comes and asks Raghav to apply colours on her mother’s face because today is Choti Holi. He is about to do that but Ratri comes there and says you people are too early to celebrate the festival of Holi because we don’t play with colours today but tomorrow because today is observed as “Holika dahan”.

The disguised Avi of Rahu comes outside of the house and misbehaved with the friends of real Avi and Rahu gets happy to see his magic is working perfectly. Raghav notices the fake Avi and thinks of her as his real daughter and takes her along with him to the temple.

Madhuri gets surprised to know that Raghav already left for the temple with the entire family living his daughter alone in the house but she made her understand somehow and says I will go with you to the temple. On the way to the temple, Madhuri is telling the story of Holika Dahan and says this day is observed as the end of old and a start of new things.

Raghav is surprised and demanding things and then she is throwing attitude to get her demand fulfilled by hook or crook. Even Ratri finds the behaviour of Avi is odd between the lines.

Suddenly, both Raghav and Madhuri noticed that Avi is not with them and they are trying to find her out in the nearest areas because she just goes missing out of the blue and no one is able to find a clue that when did it happened and how it happened.

Madhu noticed Avi is with Krohini and she says to her the story of Holika Dahan got twisted in this error because now Holika will not get born in the fire but Prahlad will.

Precap – Krohini sits on the fire with Avi in her lap.