Meri Gudiya Written Update 10th January 2020: Raghav is given the award by Rudraksha

The episode starts with Raghav is trying to make Avi sleep. She says that she cannot sleep without pari. Raghav says that she is his pari.

He then plays Madhuri’s songs on the recorder. Avi goes to sleep. Raghav stays with her till she falls asleep. Raghav gets emotional and says that this is her first birthday when she is not with him. He remembers the time when they used to celebrate the birthdays together. He remembers the happy times. The next morning turanta knocks on Raghav’s doors and runs away. Raghav comes out and sees that the whole family is outside and waiting for him.

After asking, he is told that there is a surprise for him. He is given an envelope by dadi and when opened Raghav finds that he is receiving the businessman of the year award. Everyone claps for him. Shaurya tells that he will have to get ready for the award function. Raghav says that he doesn’t want to go for the function. He says that even though he is winning the award, it was Madhuri’s support which made him work hard and when she is not around, he doesn’t want to receive the award. He also says that Shaurya also helped a great deal. Shaurya says that everything that he has achieved is only because of his hardwork only.

Raghav eventually agrees to go to the ceremony. Avi comes to them and says that she couldn’t find pari. Raghav tells her that she will find it. It is also revealed that Raghav will be getting the award by none other than Rudraksha.

Rudraksha tells Ratri that he has setup the plan for her individual meet with Raghav. Ratri even calls to wish Raghav. She says that she has a surprise in store for him. After asking what the surprise is, Ratri says that let surprise be a surprise and that he will get to know about them eventually.

Ratri tells Rudraksha that she too did her required work for him. Avi says that she is going to find Pari. She searches for her in the while house. Pari using her powers gives signals by throwing the ball and banging the door so that Avi reaches the storeroom.

Avi searches for Pari in the storeroom and finally finds her. She gets really happy and takes her to everybody in the house. Everybody else is also very happy seeing pari. She tells the she found her in the store room. Avi says that she also wants to go with her father. Raghav takes her to the function.

At the function Raghav is being praised and welcomed. Later Rudraksha is also welcomed on stage to give the award. To everyone’s surprise Ratri also comes along with Rudraksha. This comes as a shock for Shaurya and Piya who are watching this on TV. Avi gets happy seeing her. Raghav too is Amazingly surprised.

Precap: Ratri and Rudraksha are sitting out in the lawns and then Raghav comes. Ratri introduces Raghav to Rudraksha and vice versa.