Meri Gudiya Written Update 16th December 2019: MEET AVI AND HER OVER-PROTECTIVE MOTHER MADHURI

The Episode starts with Madhuri wishing happy birthday to her daughter Avi  who was sleeping but wakes up hearing her and hugs her. They say “I love you” to each other.

Later they do pooja with the rest of family. Avi takes blessings from her grandmother and then asks Madhuri if she can go to play outside but Madhuri tells her that it is very sunny outside so Shaurya, Madhuri’s brother-in-law, tells that he’ll take Avi out. Madhuri shows a lot of concern towards Avi and in fact asks the servants to give her water, juice and not let her go out of the gate. Madhurithen tells to her mother-in-law that she is going to take a birthday gift for Avi and asks her to not let Avi know about her absence.

Raghav reaches home and checks all the arrangements for Avi’s birthday. Servants and Shaurya tell Raghav that Madhuri has gone to get a customized doll for Avi, a doll which looks likes Madhuri.

On the other hand in fact Madhuri is seen getting a doll that looks like her ready.

Abdul Kaka informs Raghav that Avi has locked herself in the room and won’t open the door until Madhuri doesn’t come back.

Raghav goes to Avi’s room and tries to convince her to open the door but in vain so he calls Madhuri who tells him to pass the phone to Avi. When Raghav tells Avi that Madhuri wants to talk with her, Avi immediately opens the door just to take the phone and talks to Madhuri who promises her that she is coming back soon and asks her to go out and meet her friends. Avi agrees.

Later Avi comes downstairs dressed up in a light blue gown covering her eyes with her hands. She opens her eyes only after Madhuri comes. Madhuri and Avi run to each other and share a hug then they dance with Raghav while Madhuri sings “kuch to haitujhseraabta”. They cut the cake and then finally Madhuri reveals her gift to Avi who gets happy seeing that doll looks just like Madhuri and decides to call Pari.

After a while Raghav asks his mother to break her Maun Vrat (vow of silence) which she has kept since Avi was born and wish Avi “happy birthday” but she denies.

In the night Raghav’s mother is seen praying and Madhuri comes to her. Madhuri asks her what happened as she called her and the mother asks Madhuri to show her hand as she knows that it got burnt. Raghav’s mother recalls Madhuri putting her hand on the candle and getting it burnt to save Avi who was about to fall on it. While Madhuri’s mother-in-law applies medicates her hand, Madhuri cries and tells her that since Avi is born she feels like there is a power trying to separate her from Avi. She wonders about what is written in Avi’s destiny. Raghav’s mother decides to ask to a Baba the next day what is written in Avi’s destiny.

On the other hand Vudraksh, a man with magical powers, is seen standing in front of a big tree with two women dressed in black. Vudraksh says that after 7 years he’ll now be able to see the face of that 7-years-old kid who has gotten the power and asks the two women to get him the potion which will let him see the face.

Meanwhile Madhuri feels uneasy while Avi calls her out in the sleep so Madhuri rushes to her. She comes in Avi’s room on time before she could fall from the bed. Avi apologizes to her for removing the pillow but Madhuri says that it’s her fault since she should take more care of her. She sleeps with her.

Vudraksh on the other hand drinks the potion and gets unconscious. He gets flashes of a girl in school uniform entering in a school of Shimla but he gets conscious before he is able to see her face.

Madhuri prays for her daughter and asks Mata Rani to give any eventual problem that comes on Avi to her.

Episode ends

Precap: Avi meets with an accident. Madhuri prays for her. Vudraksh sees Avi and says that she’ll be the kid who’ll help him to conquer the world. Raghav asks Madhuri until when she’ll keep protecting Avi and she replies until death.