Meri Gudiya Written Update 17th December 2019: Rudraksha comes one step closer to Av

Dadi goes to visit the Pandit ji like every year. He tells her that Avi has a lot of positive powers as she is helped by the planets but at the same time they are attracting the negative energies. This year, special care of Avi is to be taken.

Avi with her parents and uncle goes for morning exercises. The parents are exercising when Avi goes to a nearby place and followed by her mother Madhuri. Madhuri sees her going after a ball on the road. Because of a car passing by, which has Rudraksha in it, she falls on the road. Madhuri shouts and runs towards Avi. Her father and uncle too reach there. Madhuri takes kulfi very closer to her heart. She feels her heartbeat is safe for Avi and will save her just like the time it was during her birth when she was born still and given heartbeat by Madhuri. Avi gets ready for school and Madhuri, after having breakfast and a little light hearted discussion with her husband and others takes Avi to school. Here Rudraksha goes to the khandahar where he is stopped by the guard.

Because of dark magical powers, he is forced to kill himself. They then enter the khandahar and plant the place for the bad energies or aatmas there. They then talk about searching Avi in the schools of shimla based in the dresscode of Avi. Madhuri reaches avi’s school and drops her there. Rudraksha also reaches the same place. He goes near the school where students are doing their early morning exercises. Rudraksha feels something in his hand. This signals him that Avi is in the same school. He smiles and says that this girl is born with a lot of good powers and will help us reach our destination if ruling the world.