Meri Gudiya Written Update 1st January 2020: Pari fails another plan of Ratri

The episode starts with avi getting up in the morning. Pari wishes her and she replies back thinking madhuri has wished. She is sad to learn that her mother has gone to the gods and now will never come back.

Pari realises this and tries to make the more better for her. She brings in butterflies in the room. Avi gets happy to see the butterfly, she starts chasing them. More butterflies come into the room.

Avi then tells pari that she enjoyed a lot this morning. She now thinks of getting ready as she has to do that all by herself. Pari realises that Ratri is coming fir Avi.

Ratri has brought an icecream for avi but it is mixed with a poisonous potion. She thinks of giving it to avi and killing her. She even finds the door open. She gets too happy thinking that her plan will succeed. She enters the room. Pari is ready for her, she with her supernatural powers breaks the bowl of marbles on the floor.

When ratri tries to enter the room her leg falls on the marble and she trips down. Everyone in the family rush to her to see what has happened. They find Ratri lying on the floor. She tells them that she had brought icecream for Avi but fell on the ground. Dulari kaaki tries to help her get up but in vain.

Ratri has twisted her leg. She becomes unable to get up. Raghav tells dulaari kaaki to get her a bowl of water so that she can clean her face where icecream had fallen. Raghav then picks her up and takes her to her room, when being asked by dadi to do the same. Pari tells her that all her plans will fail the same way when she tries to harm Avi.

Ratri fells happy seeing that raghav is taking her to her room. Shaurya sees this and asks Avi about what had happened. She replies knowing nothing.

Dadi seeing all this realises that something wrong is happening in the house and that a shadow of some negative energy is haunting the place. Raghav puts Ratri on bed and asks her to take rest. Ratri jokingly teases him. She wanted to say sometHing else but then Avi appeared.

Raghav asked her to take rest. Ratri feels happy about all this and says to herself that she thinks raghav still has someplace in his heart for her and now she just has to secure that place in his heart.

Dulaari kaaki enters the room with the balm. She tells her to lie down so that it can be applied. She tells kaaki that she will apply it herself and kaaki need not worry. Kaaki agrees to whatever she says.

Later Ratri tries to go to rudraksha’s work station but she could not find it. Rudraksha creates a magical door for her to enter. He informs her that some power is causing them trouble. Dadi goes to the guruji with her problem. The guruji tells her that this is just a beginning.

Madhuri was the biggest obstacle in their way and so they have removed her, in order to attack and kill Avi. Dadi is shocked to hear this.