Meri Gudiya Written Update 24th December 2019: Madhuri is critical, Avi comes to meet her in hospital

Episode begins with has met with a deadly accident and she somehow goes out of the car and tries to contact Raghav as he told her to keep on calling him in every 5 minutes. she tries to call him but he is also trying her so they are not getting the phone of each are the and it is continuously coming busy.

adhuri is continuously remembering Avi and says that Avi don’t worry your mum will surely come to you. Raghav is on the other side getting restless and thinking why Madhuri is not picking up his calls. Madhuri tries to call him again but she gets unconscious due to the excess blood loss and so many injuries on the body.

Raghav gets a call from the phone of Madhuri and he picks it up and says why are you not answering my calls and where are you? an unknown voice comes out from the other side and he get shocked and says this is my wife’s number and who are you talking from her phone?

The police inspector on the other side is instructing his men to take the body of Madhuri to the ambulance and answers Raghav on the phone that his wife has met with an accident and they are taking her to the city hospital and he needs to come there as soon as possible. Raghav gets shocked and he refused to the hospital on the other side Avi is waiting for her mother to pick her up from school. the principal of the school comes out and ask does security person on the gate that why is Avi still in school?

The principal takes Avi in her arms and decides to give a call to her parents. In hospital, Raghav is asking his surgeon friend to make Madhuri fit and fine like earlier and he says that there is so much of blood loss kachi and his team will try their best.

The operation of Madhuri get started and the doctor is giving instructions to his assistant inside the OT while cleaning the blood from her face.

Principal is calling Shaurya to inform that he is still in the school and no one has come there to pick her up. Raghav is in the hospital and he is worried for Madhuri while on the other hand, Shaurya comes home with Avi and she is calling for her mother as soon as she enters the house. She asks her uncle about Madhuri but Shaurya is getting emotional to witness the restlessness of Avi to see her mother. He asks her to go and change her dress and after that they will go out in search of her mother.

Avi agrees and runs to her room while Shaurya gives a call to Raghav to inform him about Avi. Raghav ask sorry to bring a week to the hospital directly if she is asking anything about her mother. Another side, ratri is ordered by her guruji to reach the hospital by any means and kill of Madhuri to bring the soul of Avi.

Avi comes to the hospital with Shaurya and ask why she is your and she says is my mum is injured in some way? Raghav comes and noticed his daughter, Shaurya to complete the processing and he decides to take Avi inside.

Later on, the doctor asks Raghav to meet Madhuri as she is sinking and maybe there is some less moments are left. Raghav asks Avi to call her mother loud as she cannot go like this leaving him and their Avi alone. Avi goes inside the cabin and says why you broke the promise today mom? She sees Madhuri is not moving and hence she goes up and hugs her mother.

Precap – Ratri says she will kill Madhuri off and then also kill Avi as well and she will not be able to do anything. Madhuri gets filled with anger to listen to such words about Avi and she strangles Ratri with all her powers.