Meri Gudiya Written Update 25th December 2019: Ratri tries to Kill Madhuri

The episode starts with madhuri on her deathbed and Avi going close to her. She hugs madhuri and it looks like she is giving her own heartbeat to her. Raghav is standing next to them, visualising everything. He is in tears.

Avi says that she misses her mother. Then doctor enter and are shocked to see avi hugging her like this. He asks raghav to move avi from there to which raghav replies that let them be like this for sometime. Madhuri needs Avi in her last time.

Doctor tells raghav that madhuri’s heartbeat is getting normal and she can be saved. Raghav is excited to see this and asks doctor to let Avi be like that for sometime as he also tells him to remember the time when avi was born and madhuri have her, her own heartbeat to revive Avi’s heartbeat and today, even unknowingly avi is doing the same. After sometime, he removes Avi and the doctor examines madhuri.

Here outside the room, the doctor tells raghav that he hasn’t seen any case like this where the patient has survived such an accident. He tells him that she is a fighter. Ratri overhears everything. She speaks to herself saying that she had come to share grief with the family but here the whole table has turned.

Rudraksha, through his evil spell, finds out that madhuri is still alive. Adrika is shocked to hear this. She too tells herself that ratri must’ve done something wrong and rudraksha will get angry on her. Rudraksha asks adrika to call ratri and on call tells her that the power saving Avi is still alive. Ratri tells them that she has reached the hospital and will try to kill both of them, the mother and the daughter. Ratri thinks of some plan to enter madhuri’s room.

Meanwhile doctor tells raghav that in sometime they will be able to take madhuri home. This is what Raghav also tells avi when he takes her away from madhuri when Avi is meeting her again. Ratri dresses as a nurse and unidentified goes to the madhuri’s room. She then, on finding madhuri unconscious talks to her about everything.

She tells her that she has come to kill Avi and not her. She tells her that she is very strong too. She did not die even after her trying a lot of times. She tried killing her in accident, with poison and many other methods but she did not die. She says that the bond the mother and daughter is very strong. Ratri further tells that she will definitely kill both of them and then the rest of the family too. The repercussions of A mistake done by raghav by not accepting her will have to be faced by everyone in the family.

She tells that after killing both of them she will slowly torture raghav and then kill him. She also tells Madhuri about all her plans to kill Avi and how Madhuri saved her from all this everytime. Madhuri subconsciously listens to all this. She understands that ratri is here to kill her and her daughter. She thinks to herself that she will have to do something to stop ratri.

Ratri is ecstatic on thinking that her plan will succeed and then suddenly madhuri holds her by her neck. Ratri couldn’t take her away from her. She tries to reach for the plug to unplug it and which will eventually kill madhuri. She succeeds in her work and unplugs the wire. Madhuri feels unconscious and falls on the bed. Her tear and her soul comes out of her body and enter the doll belonging to Avi.